Zombie Driver: Ultimate Edition (XB1) Review

Ken McKown

Running on empty.

Running over zombies in a taxi sounds like a recipe for pure fun, and for the most part Zombie Driver delivers on that. This top-down vehicular zombie-slaying title was originally released on previous consoles and PC to middling reviews. It was fun, but its monotonous mission structure kept it from reaching its full potential. Now developer EXOR Studios is bringing the action back on Xbox One thanks to the [email protected] program with the Ultimate Edition which includes a host of improvements, all of the previously released DLC, and more. Fans of running over zombies who own an Xbox One now have a chance to fulfill their dreams.

The chaos is awesome.

What I liked about the original game was its pure chaos. Blasting through the streets mowing down hordes of the undead is satisfying. With the Ultimate Edition the team has included even more zombies onscreen, as well as little effects such as blood trails and dust particles thanks to the new hardware. The game also looks fabulous running at a blistering 60 frames per second and of course sporting 1080p resolution. For a title this fast, that makes a world of difference.

The Ultimate Edition also tosses in all the previously released DLC, but manages to include it in a more interesting way. Instead of tossing it in haphazardly, the team instead opted to include it as unlockables for the Blood Race mode. There is plenty to unlock in the game, and with several modes of play, it would take some serious time investment to see it all.

Zombie roadkill.

The problems arise as the game progresses. The missions become less and less entertaining, and the simple mechanic wears thin. I found no incentive to keep playing, as the rewards just never enticed me enough to slog through the repetition. This is the kind of game that works in ten minute sessions. Play one mission, then put it down for a week and forget about it. I still find myself firing it up every once in a while to plow through a new mission, but it never entertains me for more than one level.

Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition is far from a terrible game, but also lacks that hook to keep players coming back for more. For those looking for something to waste ten minutes on once a week, I think it is worth checking out. Where else can a person get their ‘run over a zombie in a taxi’ fix?

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  • Pure insanity
  • Lots of new additions


  • Mechanic wears thin
  • Missions become tedious


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