ZEN Pinball 2: Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron (PS4) Review

We don’t need no Civil War.

As anyone who has read my Zen Pinball table reviews knows, as of late Zen Studios has been on fire when it comes to releasing some quality pinball tables. Licensed tables like Venom and even new original tables like the fantastic Wild West Rampage really stood out as some great releases. To coincide with the release of the new Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron, Zen Studios made a new pinball table just for the movie. I have to say, with their previous tables knocking out the competition, Age of Ultron is slightly disappointing.

Taking some things from the movie, as much as they can without hitting spoiler territory, Age of Ultron has players taking on missions as Iron Man, Thor, and the other Avengers. The table has multiple lanes, but one main curve lane is where many shot will go. There is an upper level at the top of the table where the 3rd flipper lies. Here is where skill shots and most missions will be played out.


MSRP: $2.99
Platforms: PS4
Price I’d Pay: $2.99
Multiplayer: Leaderboards

Much like Plants Vs. Zombies, minions will show up on the board and the player will have to hit them with the ball to earn some good points. On top of that, this table allows for some multiball action pretty easily. I was getting two balls in play within two minutes of playing almost each round. While the point potential is high, the high score potential is medium.

It all really feels standard. While the table isn’t bad by any means, there’s nothing that pops up about it making it stand out from the crowd. The raised level in the upper part of the table is slightly awkward, especially when I’m trying to see what’s going on with the ball below. The sounds are fine and the music works as well. I do have to say, if that is a voice actor portraying Tony Stark, that guy could totally do voice over work as Robert Downey Jr. As for whoever is playing Thor, maybe tone down the “superhero voice” a bit. The overall look of the table is decent. The neon blue really lights the board up and works well.


Don’t get me wrong, this table is not bad. Should you own it if you are a big Zen Pinball player? Of course. It is well worth the three bucks, but when I compare this to the other tables Zen Pinball has released recently, it just feels slightly lackluster. Nevertheless, fans of the Zen Pinball franchise should look into Age of Ultron. It’s not bad, just not a big standout from the other tables released on the platform.

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  • Good multiball potential
  • Decent look


  • Just a very standard table


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