Velocity 2X (PS4) Review

Rebuilt with even more.

For a little PlayStation Mini title, I fell in love with Velocity. It was fast, addictive, and a blast to play. The pick up and play nature of the entire package was perfect for quick sessions of shoot ‘em up action. Now, FuturLab is back with Velocity X2, and with it, a ton more mechanics and fast game play.

X2 takes place after the events of the first game. Kai flew her ship through a wormhole that transported her to another part of the universe. At the same time her body was almost torn apart, and her new captors have rebuilt her using alien technology. Now, rebuilt with a more unique body, Kai must escape, return to her part of the universe and hopefully stop the alien slavers from taking over the universe.

I have the power!

Platforms: PS4
MSRP: $19.99
Price I’d Pay: $15

The game play from the first game makes its return in X2. Players control Kai’s ship in 2D up-scrolling fashion. She can fire straight ahead, use bombs to blow up enemies and barriers in multiple directions, boost to move the screen up, and drop teleporting pods that she can return to after exploring parts of a level.

The big change is now Kai can get out of her ship at docking points and the game becomes a side scrolling shooter. Using her new alien hybrid body, she can blast things with her arm gun, sprint indefinitely, and even use a special quick warp that was once only capable in her ship.
The core of the game revolves around opening shielded areas by destroying locks in a certain order. So the number one and two locks may be outside during the ship parts of the level while the number three and four locks may be inside the docking areas and Kai must destroy them on foot. After destroying all the locks the force field is removed, and players can begin to navigate farther into the level.

Players are scored at the end of each level based on how many collectables they found, how many points they earned, and how quickly they finished the level. So for the best rank, players must be quick. Holding down the R2 trigger will make the screen move forward, but be careful, getting stuck and hitting the bottom of the screen will destroy Kai’s ship and will send the player back to the last checkpoint.

One of the coolest features from the first game makes its return in X2. The portable teleport pads players will obtain allow Kai to drop a teleport point, explore parts of a level, and then teleport back to the point to take a different route. This is essential for hitting numerous locks in the correct order.

The insanity returns, now in 1080p.

I really like the overall look of X2. The cell-shaded graphics in the cut scenes remind me of the old cartoon Samurai Jack, and the action parts look great while still moving at the speed of sound through a level. The techno soundtrack got me in the mood for some fast game play and X2 delivers it.

The one thing I don’t like about the entire package is the additions take away from some of the more simplistic fast nature of the first game. Sure, X2 is a fast, twitchy game, but now having to remember both the mechanics of the ship as well as Kai on foot is a ton to juggle all at once. I found that while on foot, the game play slowed down a bit and removed me from the overall experience. Still, it’s a fun time even if it added more complexity than I would have liked.

Velocity X2 has a lot going for it. It still has that addicting game play, and it’s still a fast game that is easy to pick up and play. The new mechanics are interesting, and even when I found them a little daunting at times, I still had a blast with the overall game play. It’s fast, fun, and still addicting.

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  • Fun twitchy game play
  • Great soundtrack
  • Nice visual style


  • New mechanics take away from the speed


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