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So, remember when Uno was released for the Xbox 360 and everyone went nuts for it? Remember when it became a Chat Roulette style of lottery as to whether or not you would get to look at someone’s junk? Well guess what; it’s back and there is bad news and good news. Bad news; it still has camera support for Kinect and PS4 Camera. Good news; no one actually has either of those hooked up to their consoles!

Arguably the greatest casual card game has finally come to current gen systems, and guess what? It’s Uno. I’m not going insult your intelligence and explain the full rules of Uno here; if you haven’t played Uno yet, then what have you been doing with your life? But it’s all here, present and correct. As one would expect, the game offers the standard house rules, as well as a list of options to allow for changes to the rules, such as stacking, draw to match and bluffing. This means that no matter how you like your Uno, you’re covered.


Platforms: PS4 (Reviewed), Xbox One
Price: $9.99
Multiplayer: Yes, 1v4 and 2v2

The game comes complete with both a single player mode, which pits players against AI opponents, as well as the multiplayer. There is the standard 1v4 mode, pitting people against three other players, along with the ability to team up with another player for a bit of tactical 2v2. These are the only modes of play available, which is all anyone needs to get your Uno fix, but it would have been nice to see an Uno Rush mode included.

The most important thing for most Uno players is the quality of the online network, and I’m happy to say that my experience with the game was absolutely fine. It was quick to find opponents when I started a new game, and there was no lag whilst playing. The game will also try to find replacement opponents if someone rage quits during a match, meaning that players aren’t penalized if someone throws their toys out of their pram.

One cool new addition to this version of Uno is themed decks. Now, I know you could get different styled cards in the previous version of the game; but here they actually have game changing properties. The game comes complete with a Rabbid themed deck; those pesky little aliens from the Rayman series. The cards themselves have funny little pictures of the Rabbids dressed up, but it also includes four new cards that add effects to the game. One card throws out 10 cards to random players, one places dynamite on the deck so that the next person who needs to pick from it causes it to explode and draw four cards, one causes a three second decision limit and the final one allows a player to block an incoming +2 or +4 card.


These are small little addition to the gameplay, but add a sense of fun. Unfortunately, the Rabbids deck is the only one included in the price, and it looks very evident on the home screen that more decks will be available in the future, for a real money price. It’s also worth noting that some small game features, such as the rule that allows duplicate cards to be placed out of turn, are locked behind UbiClub points. But as of the time of writing, the option to open UbiClub in the game caused an error; therefore, I wasn’t able to check these out.

I was really pleased with this new offering of Uno. It’s one of those games that I will forever be opening up for a few quick matches. Ubisoft have managed to not mess up the formula (as they did with their recent Tetris game) and make sure that the important things, such as online stability, remain solid. All I can say is that if you love Uno, you’ll love this.

Review copy of game provided by publisher.

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  • It’s Uno
  • Rabbids deck
  • Solid network
  • Only one themed deck
  • DLC will be coming
  • Why no Rush mode?
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