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A unique take on a familiar genre.

I sat down with a very unique puzzle-platformer called Pid. This indie game features a unique art style and some very interesting concepts when it comes to traversing the environments of the game. I was lucky enough to get a preview build of the game, and I’ll tell you all a little about the interesting world of Pid.

You play as a kid named Kurt. Kurt lives in a world where buses are rocket ships, traveling to planets takes only a few minutes and robots run rampant. Kurt falls asleep on his bus ride home and ends up on a planet where the inhabitants seem to be in a daze and not quite in touch with reality. Now, Kurt must find a way home while trying to outsmart robots out to get him.

Pid is a platformer where you must jump and run to different areas to continue on your way. There is a unique mechanic that allows Kurt to throw two separate gems on some surfaces. When he throws a gem, a beam of light will erupt from where the gem landed. This beam of light actually defies gravity and allows Kurt to float in the beam for a short period of time. This will allow him to reach higher places or cover gaps that he may not have been able to jump on his own.

The anti-gravity beams are not just for Kurt to use on himself. He can also use them to trap enemy robots or to push them out of the way. With the different environments and unique situations in place, it really begins to feel like a puzzle game when trying to figure out exactly how to reach a certain area or get past a room full of enemies.

There are also collectable stars you will see floating around the levels. Collect these, and you can use them to purchase items like a protective vest or bombs that can aid Kurt against the robots as well as reach areas he normally couldn’t.

The art style is definitely unique.

The art style really pops. It feels like a dreamscape world with bright colors that seem to be blurred out. The characters and environments really stand out in the 2D plane, and the presentation is very well done. My first time playing the preview build, I couldn’t help but keep playing. It never got too difficult both with the puzzles and with the enemies.

Pid is a game that I really enjoyed getting a quick look, but I really can’t wait to get my hands on the full game. The art style and presentation is great, and the game plays fantastically. It is a very unique game in a genre that has a sea of games, but with the mechanics it brings to the table, it really stands out.

Pid is set to release on PSN, XBLA and PC by the end of the year.


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