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Super arachnid boy?

I had the chance to sit down and play a preview of the upcoming action platformer Alien Spidy. Alien Spidy is a quick-moving platforming game where you take on the role of an alien spider that crash lands on Earth and is now trying to find the pieces of his spaceship.

The game plays much like a Super Meat Boy or N+. The levels have you jumping, running and maneuvering your way to the end. Levels take all of about a minute, and many of them become rather challenging. Luckily, there is a checkpoint system so you don’t have to start all over if you die. Spidy also has a special web string that he can hook onto ceilings, walls, tress and other pieces of the environment. Sometimes swinging from your web is the only way to reach what you need to continue.

Just hanging out.

The game revolves around a point system. In each level, there are point orbs that you collect while platforming. Collecting them in quick succession will increase the amount you get, so being fast on your feet is a must if you want the best score.

Water is the main villain in Alien Spidy. Touching water or any enemy will automatically kill you. There is a fine balance between jumping at the right time while still trying to collect point orbs for the best score possible.

There are special powerups you can pick up that will allow for higher jumping, walking on water or even going under water. Using these to your advantage will offer up a ton of points for you to collect.

The game also features challenges to complete in each level. Most of them revolve around getting a certain amount of points. Completing one earns you a medal.

The spider in the plastic bubble.

The demo I played had a good amount of levels in it, but looking more closely at the game’s stage select, there is a lot of content I didn’t get to experience, so if you’re looking for something meaty, Alien Spidy seems to have enough to last you a long time.

From what I played of the game, Aline Spidy is looking rather fun. I enjoyed the time I spent with it and I’m looking forward to the full game when it releases later on this year on Steam.


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