The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode 2: Give No Shelter (PS4) Review

Justin Celani

Humans will always be worse than the zombies.

Episode 2 has released and after the interesting yet somewhat disappointing aspects of episode 1, episode 2 starts off on a high note. If players recall, some interesting moments happened just before the end and left us wondering what could possible happen next. Here the game just jumps right back into that cliffhanger moment and the adrenaline doesn’t end there. Soon we see the group trying to escape with their lives and with explosive results.

It’s extremely hard to get into what I didn’t and didn’t like about these games without spoiling the core story and aspect, but here is what I can definitely say. The action is much quicker, the story beats continue along at a great pace, and this episode felt better than the last. It’s not to say that the first episode was slow or had no action, but here we have things getting interesting from the start and other then a very brief moment of downtime towards the back half, things immediately get serious again and quickly.


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Characters and situations are always the selling point for me and these titles but when it’s a miniseries, this means less time to get to know the character and with the episodes being shorter then then main entry in the series, it can cause alarm. I was tense in the first episode but I didn’t care for much as I know Michonne will live obviously and the other characters I just have enough reason to care for. Episode 2 not only gets me more involved with these characters, they introduce a few new ones that I immediately take a liking to and understand. I was even legitimately shocked during a moment in the episode, where as in the first I was left just feeling a little empty.

Each of the sequences in episode 2 feel unique, interesting, and all have moments of tension throughout. There is little room to catch breath with everything going on, but it’s varied, interesting, and had me clinging to my controller till the end came and the credits rolled. There is still issues with animations at times and the game hard crashed on me once, which in a game that is so story focused and intensely so, pulled me out of the moment immediately. Luckily the game saves fairly often but it was still a drab moment. We get some more insight to Michonne and her past as well via flashback and visions and I really think this is an interesting set up I’m sure they will resolve on the final episode.

Overall I liked this episode much more than the first. It was exciting, I had a moment of shock, I felt angry, I felt hatred, I felt more feelings in this episode then anything the first provided. Maybe that’s how it was planned from the start? Though it feels like it’s building up to a final showdown and the anticipation for the third and final episode in the miniseries is dreadful.

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  • Voice acting
  • Better pacing
  • More emotional


  • Hard lock


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