The Impossible Game (PC) Review

Not really impossible.

The Impossible Game was originally an Xbox Live Indie Game that kind of took the internet by storm for a little while. It was a fast paced yet simplistic rhythm game that was known for being rather unforgiving and difficult, but addicting in the same manner. Now, the popular game now makes it to Steam.

The controls are simple and easy to figure out. It’s only one button and that’s to jump. Of course, it’s not all that simple. Players need to know when to hold the button down or when to single jump, and timing is of the utmost importance.

Platforms: PC, 360, PS3, Vita, PSP
Multiplayer: N/A
Demo: Yes
MSRP: $4.99
What I’d pay: $4.99
Length: 2-4 hours

Un-tiss Un-tiss.

The music is upbeat and adds to the overall experience. Timed jumps are all in sequence with the beat and listening to the thumps and tempo of the dance music can help players significantly.

Since this is a game where one screw up would send me back to the beginning of the level, it was nice to see a checkpoint system incorporated just so I could see all of the levels. Granted, it would put me in a practice mode, but it did help out with learning levels.

Impossible creation.

With only four full levels, it’s a bit short, but the Steam version includes a level editor where players can create their own impossible runs for a little bit of replay value. Still, it is a little skimpy on content.

For $5, players can get a little memorization romp with some good music and a level editor for a game with a simple concept and controls. Players wanting to create their own levels can get more out of it than the average player, but for five dollars, it’s a bad deal for how long it will actually take to complete the levels without using checkpoints.

Review copy of game provided by publisher.


  • Challenging game play
  • Good soundtrack
  • Level editor


  • Not much content
  • Little replay value


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