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Kung Fu High Impact Review

Right around the time the Playstation Move came out, a little developer called Virtual Air Guitar Company released a game called Kung Fu Live. The Playstation Eye was the key to the title, putting the player in…


Gears of War 3: RAAM’s Shadow Review

When DLC was first introduced, I know that I wasn’t alone in being excited for the possibilities of extended single-player content. Most games take the easy route and add more online maps, skins and…


Kinect Disneyland Adventures Review

Disney characters are no strangers to the videogame medium. In fact, Kinect Disneyland Adventures isn’t even the first time that the Anaheim landmark has, itself, been featured (Adventures in the Magic Kingdom…


Minute to Win It Review

When motion gaming came to the XBox 360 and Playstation 3, gamers everywhere echoed one fear, “Are we destined for the same shovelware that plagues the Wii?” Unfortunately, it looks like the…


Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Review

Rivalries. Regardless of whether your side of the coin lands up or down, it’s hard to deny that rivalries improve everyone involved. Our competitors drive us to improve and innovate. The dynamic between…


F1 2011 Review

I have never watched a Formula 1 race, let alone played a Formula 1 racing game. Now, I’m not shy to the racing genre of games. I love me a good racer, arcade and simulation alike, but knowing that I was…


NHL 12 Review

This year’s EA Sports brand seems to be more about refinement than advancement. Every title I have reviewed seems to make strides to improve last year’s already stellar performance with some work…


Rise of Nightmares Review

It’s typically a bad sign for a console or peripheral when our expectations for any game that supports it are low. As a parent, the Kinect is a wonderful game device that provides hours of enjoyment for my kids.