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Defenders of Ardania Review

As a casual player of Tower Defense (TD) and Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games, I was very attracted to the first game I’d encountered which melded the two. Games which sit squarely in the…


Silent Hill HD Collection Review

What’s next? HD collections are all the rage, and it is only time before we see every game from generations past re-imagined for today’s audience. That said, not all games will fare as well with today’s different…


Blades of Time Review

Blades of Time is a game that people will forget before they even know about it. However, for those that play it, you will find it has a certain charm that makes it worth seeing through to the end.


FIFA Street Review

The presentation is fantastic, and the robust tour mode has enough for the RPG fan in me to smile. The game is not overly difficult to understand. After about an hour of practice, you‘ll be…


Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Review

Alan Wake was a game that, before its release in 2010, I figured I would never play. It’s not because I wasn’t very interested in the premise, but because I figured it would go the way of Duke…