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Endless Space Hands-On Preview

Drew takes an early look at this space exploration/empire building game and comes away impressed. Find out why he made comparisons to Civ and Alpha Centauri in his full hands-on preview.


Starpoint Gemini Review

Space: the final frontier. Yeah, let’s not be that cliché. What I will talk about is the new space questing game called Starpoint Gemini. So, board your ship, boot up your thrusters…


Hero Academy Review

As the Reviews Editor for ZTGD, I get the chance to look at every game review and editorial piece before it goes live on the site for the purposes of editing and proofreading. I’m a word and grammar…


Fate of the World Review

Developer Red Redemption’s Fate of the World: Tipping Point (henceforth “Fate”) seems rather like Frankenstein’s monster, with individually appealing elements grafted together in an ill-fitted fashion.


Stronghold 3 Review

Truth be told, I have played some real-time strategy games in my day, and I have never been very good at them, especially when it came to multiplayer. Although I was never any good at them, it never stops…


Might & Magic: Heroes VI Review

It is a testament to its strength that the Might and Magic name has persevered over 25 years and three different companies while still retaining a loyal following. The core Might and Magic games, of…