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Renegade Ops Review

It is no secret that Avalanche Studios is officially on my ‘watch’ list when it comes to developers. I mean, these are the guys that churned out Just Cause 2, which was one of the last games I sank…


Rise of Nightmares Review

It’s typically a bad sign for a console or peripheral when our expectations for any game that supports it are low. As a parent, the Kinect is a wonderful game device that provides hours of enjoyment for my kids.


SEGA Rally Online Arcade Review

Almost every gamer has a fond memory of arcade racing games, especially ones made by a certain company that had a blue hedgehog as its mascot. SEGA Rally was the genesis of some of my…


Shogun 2: Total War Review

I was out of the loop when the first Shogun: Total War came out and by the time I found out of its existence, after the release of Rome: Total War, I just couldn’t go back and play it.