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Yakuza: Dead Souls Review

The Yakuza series is no stranger to the gaming industry. With four titles already under its belt here in the US, the series has a small, but loyal following. Dead Souls takes almost everything you know…


Shenmue HD Inbound?

A story over at Gamerzines indicates that not only can we expect downloadable HD version of Dreamcast cult classics, Shenmue...


The House of the Dead III Review

If there is any type of game that should work well with a Move controller, its an ‘on-rails’ shooter; you can’t really go too far wrong. House of the Dead III…


Its That Pesky Wabbit!

The award to the most unusual/inventive game title goes to SEGA. Today they announced a brand new downloadable game for...


Sonic CD Review

If you follow the industry at all, you know of certain games that get constant praise from gamers and critics alike. Sonic CD is one of those games, and for most of us, the experience has never been confirmed.


Aliens: Infestation Review

The Aliens license has seen its ups and downs in the video game world. Sega and developer WayForward are hoping to be on the brighter side of that spectrum with their latest effort for the…


Sonic Generations Review

Sonic the Hedgehog. Everyone knows him and his games. People hold him up as the mascot for Sega, and truth be told, there have been a ton of games featuring the fast footed character. Interesting fact…