Tales of Xillia (PS3) Review

Jae digs deep into the latest in the Tales series from Namco Bandai. Find out how it stacks up in our full review.

Skylanders Giants Review

The Skylander craze returns with giants. Find out if you should open up your wallets once again.

Realms of Ancient War Review

Yet another top-down RPG hits XBLA. Does this one manage to impress? Our full review.

Mugen Souls Hands-on Preview

Drew gets some 'hands-on' time with NIS America's upcoming RPG. Read his full preview.

Legasista Review

This PSN dungeon crawler has an old-school look, but is it any fun? Our full review.

The Last Story Review

Mistwalker's latest finally comes to the states. Was it worth all the hype and petitions? Our full review.

Darksiders II (PC) Review

Death comes calling to PC owners and we have the full review of his adventure.

Risen 2: Dark Waters Review

Land lovers beware, pirates are on the open seas of consoles now. Our full review inside.

Heroes of Ruin Review

Drew reviews this loot-fest for the Nintendo 3DS and comes away craving more loot.

Dungeon Fighter LIVE: Fall of Hendon Myre Review

This side-scrolling action title feels a little light by comparison. Read our full review.

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