Oh! Sheep Review

Kelsey handles sheep business, which is real business, in his latest review of this iOS title.

A Virus Named TOM Review

Spreading viruses is moderately entertaining in this PC puzzler. Our full review inside.

Zuma’s Revenge Review

The addictive puzzle game returns to XBLA with a facelift and plenty to do. Our full review.

Quantum Conundrum Review

The inter-dimensional puzzle game makes its way onto consoles. Our full review.

Globulous Review

It is sort of like Tetris on a sphere, yeah I made the same reference. Our full review.

Lumicon Review

A solid word puzzle game that creates frantic play sessions. Read our full review.

Quantum Conundrum Review

Airtight Games' new puzzle game is in a dimension of its own. Read our full review.

Fur and Feathers HD Review

This match 3 game looks great but fails to impress on multiple levels.

Fez Review

For what is a very reasonable price of 800MSP, Fez is a game that will give you hours of gameplay. There are still questions unanswered, even with the collective mind of the internet...

The Splatters Review

Puzzle games based on physics are becoming more and more common in the download arena. Developer SpikySnail is not about to miss out on the craze, as is evident with their latest XBLA title...

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