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GrimGrimoire Review

The PS3 is finally getting some downloadable PS2 games, and one of the first is GrimGrimoire. The game was released in 2007, and garnered a cult following. I honestly had never played…


Sideway: New York Review

Imagine for a second that graffiti on the walls of a building in the back alley was more than just graffiti, but rather a living breathing world full of colorful characters, nasty monsters, and puzzling…


Metal Slug 2 Review

Is there any platform the Metal Slug series is not on? I will be straightforward and tell you that I never played Metal Slug in an upright cabinet, but I did play it on the Playstation, Playstation 2, Nintendo…


Rochard Review

I want to be a space miner. That may not be something you see at the opening of many game reviews, but it is how I felt the second I pressed start on Recoil’s PSN-exclusive game, Rochard.


King of Fighters ’96 Review

The King of Fighters has been around for a very long time. It’s one of the few fighting games that can hold its own against the likes of Capcom’s Street Fighter series. For me, 1996 was the year KoF…


Burnout Crash! Review

If there’s one thing Criterion know about, its cars. Having had massive success with their Burnout franchise, they have got the art of making driving games down to a tee. However, Burnout CRASH!…


Cubixx HD Review

September has been a big month for games. October will be crazier, and it will all hit the fan in November when the holiday floodgates are opened and triple-A titles flow as freely as the cash from…