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World Gone Sour Review

I’ve seen games with product placement. I’ve also seen games that were full-on commercials. There hasn’t ever really been one of the latter that was considered a good game. Then, along comes World Gone Sour…


Rayman 3 HD Review

Over the years, Rayman has become a household name. With the revitalization of the franchise with the new Rayman: Origins, Ubisoft’s armless, legless mascot seems to be making a big comeback.


Rayman Origins Review

One of the most critically praised 2D platformers of the generation makes its debut on Sony’s new handheld with the Vita release of Rayman Origins. Ubisoft’s 2D painting-come-to-life leaps…


Jak and Daxter Collection Review

I have a confession to make. I love HD collections. With the demise of backwards compatibility and my memory making older games look better than they actually do (I am looking at you Resident Evil Remake)…


ScaryGirl Review

I am not going to lie, before I got my copy of ScaryGirl I had never even heard of this IP. The unique art-style and premise of the game are what interested me. On the outside, it may look like your standard…