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Dynasty Warriors 9 (XB1) Review

Ken hacks his way across an empty open world in his latest review.

5 Mediocre

Fire Emblem Warriors (Switch) Review

Ken dives into the world of Fire Emblem for his latest review.

7.5 Good

Warriors All-Stars (PS4) Review

Sophie mashes her way in all-star fashion in her latest review.

5 Mediocre

Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada (PS4) Review

Jae channels the spirit of the X button in his latest review.

7 Good

Dragon Quest Heroes II (PS4) Review

Ken hacks and slashes in the Dragon Quest universe once again in his latest review.

7.5 Good

Toukiden 2 (PS4) Review

Drew does a little monster hunting in his latest review.

8.5 Great

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk (PS4) Review

Drew hacks and slashes plenty of guts in his latest review.

5.5 Mediocre

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers (PS4) Review

John presses X a bunch and can only move three squares in his latest review.

5 Mediocre

Attack on Titan (XB1) Review

Ken takes to the skies to cut down giant naked people.

7.5 Good
6 Decent

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