News Burst 02/07/2014

Firmware updates, Sony sells and Titanfall gets delayed...for 360.

News Burst 02/01/2014

This week is about firmware, Gears of War and PS1 and PS2 classics.

News Burst 01/24/2014

This week is full of drama on PS4, Xbox One and more.

News Burst 01/18/2014

Drew and John discuss the future of Nintendo and more.

News Burst 01/10/2014

This week the guys break down PlayStation Now, Aliens and Steam Machines.

News Burst 12/06/2013

The boys return with new consoles in hand.

News Burst 11/01/2013

This week a Titan that plays MP3s in 720p resolution.

News Burst 10/25/2013

This week is all about Titanfall playing DVDs without a patch in Rapture.

News Burst 10/19/2013

A wild Futter appears on this week's show. Catch him!

News Burst 09/27/2013

Steam hardware business, PS4 bundles and getting fit with Xbox.

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