Gamescom 2011

GamesCom 2011 – GR Future Soldier Trailer/Screenshots

Listen up, soldier! Ubisoft has just hot-dropped a new trailer and screenshots for their upcoming return to the world of Ghost Recon. Future Soldier is due out in March 2012. For now, check out the mu...

GamesCom 2011 – Angler’s Club 3D Screenshots

Fishing fanatics, rejoice! Angler’s Club 3D is coming to the 3DS from D3Publisher. Check out the new screens below.

GamesCom 2011 – Trine 2 Gets Cooperative in a New Trailer

It’s always better to Trine with a friend. Find out why in this new trailer for Trine 2 focused on the cooperative experience.

GamesCom 2011 – Need for Speed World Trailer

EA’s Free 2 Play line heats up with this new Need for Speed World Trailer. The game is available for download now directly from EA.

GamesCom 2011 – Saints Row: The Third Luchadores Trailer and Screenshots

It’s time for more over-the-top action from THQ’s Saints Row: The Third. This time, we’re introduced to Killbane (aka The Walking Apocalypse), leader of The Luchadores.

GamesCom 2011 – CoD: Black Ops Rezurrection DLC Trailer

Call of Duty Zombie fans are in luck! Treyarch and Activision have infected us with a new trailer for the upcoming Rezurrection DLC.

GamesCom 2011 – Your Self Fitness Evolved 2012 Screenshots

Fitness games are here to stay. Check out Ubisoft’s new screenshots from Your Self Fitness Evolved 2012.

GamesCom 2011 – Skyrim Character Screenshots

If you are anxiously awaiting The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, no doubt you’ve already started thinking about what kind of character you’ll build. Take a look at all of the different races wit...

GamesCom 2011 – Prey 2 Screenshots

Tommy might not be the main character in Bethesda’s Prey 2, but he will be making an appearance. Check out the new screenshots from GamesCom 2011.

GamesCom 2011 – Dishonored Screenshots

Bethesda’s new IP, Dishonored, has a batch of fresh screenshots straight from GamesCom 2011. See how this is shaping up in the gallery below.

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