Skullcandy SLYR for Xbox One (Hardware) Review

Green with envy.

I go through a ton of headsets. It seems each week I am trying out a new one, whether it is for chatting on my gaming systems or for recording podcasts. So far no one solution has met my needs when it comes to Xbox One and its chat features. I tried the official headset and used the chat adapter for several third-party ones, but there was always an issue or two that held me back. So when I got the Skullcandy SLYR I was excited to test yet another contender for my Xbox One gaming audio. The initial results are certainly positive.

The first thing I noticed is once again how well done the packaging itself is. The headphones are packed tightly into the nicely designed box. Once I got the set out though, they felt a little flimsy. The plastic looks and feels cheap, although upon further inspection it was fine. The earcups are also much more narrow than other sets I have tested lately, meaning they would not engulf my ears completely.


MSRP: $99.99
Platforms: XB1
Price I’d Pay: $99.99

The headphones felt good as soon as I put them on. Even though they don’t engulf my entire ears, the soft padding on each cup made it comfortable. The boom mic comes down at a perfect angle. After an hour or two though, I felt the need to adjust. Prolonged use started to irritate my ears, but it was nothing a small readjustment didn’t remedy.

The thing I like most about the SLYR headset is that it comes with its own attached chat adapter. The same controls that appear on the official Microsoft one are here, with the mute button being a skull, of course. The cable that connects to the headset is very stiff, making for some awkward maneuvering at first, but it eventually threads itself out.

One of the biggest issues I have had with the chat adapter from MS with third party headsets has been the game/voice audio mix. Since the SLYR headset comes with its own, I expected it to function better, and it did. Mixing between the two gave me a perfect balance of chat audio and game audio. Being able to hear dialogue while still chatting with friends in Borderlands: The Handsome Collection was perfect. This has easily been the best mix I have gotten out of any headset.


As for sound the Skullcandy set sounds great, featuring a solid mix of highs and mids accompanied by strong bass tones. The bass overwhelms in some titles like Tomb Raider, but for the most part it is kept in check. I tested the headset with a variety of titles including The Master Chief Collection, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, and Madden, to name a few. Every one sounded great, even without dedicated surround.

The Skullcandy SLYR headset is perfect for those looking for an all-in-one audio solution for the Xbox One. It has great chat/audio mix, and doesn’t require the purchase of the separate chat adapter to function. The comfortability becomes an issue after several hours, and the bass tends to pump a little higher than desired at times, but this is by far the best option available for the console.

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  • Great audio mix
  • Sounds are dynamic
  • Chat audio is great
  • Earcups can become uncomfortable
  • The cord starts out very stiff
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