Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus (Vita) Review

Jae Lee

Giant floppy anime tits.

Before I even start, take a look at this unedited screenshot taken directly from the game.

If this offends you, stop reading this review and don’t buy this game.

It isn’t for you.

However, if you like or don’t mind what you see, keep reading because beyond the ridiculous fan service is a fun little game that the fans of the genre might enjoy.

Step aside, Tearaway! Now here’s a game making full use of the Vita’s touch controls! (but not really)

Senran Kagura is what’s known as an “ecchi” series. “Ecchi”, of course is a slang used in Japan to describe something lewd or naughty.

I believe series like Queen’s Blade are also classified as such, as are many others. While I’m not particularly fond of the genre, I know there’s a strong following for it. I mean, if there wasn’t, why would there be such a high saturation in the market for fan service stuff?

It’s not in my nature to judge other’s tastes, whether they enjoy bouncy anime boobs or colorful little ponies. So I’ll just say that there’s an excessive amount of fan service and if you’re expecting to get bombarded by physics defying breasts and liberal stripping of clothes, you’re not going to be disappointed.

On the game play front, the story is spread out into individual character tales and larger, faction based stories.

While the individual character tales are small side stories at best, the faction stories are much larger and more detailed.

Still, it would be farfetched to try and convince anyone that there’s a good story here to experience. Even so, it makes an admirable effort considering they’re just setting the stage for ninja girls to duke it out while ripping at each other’s clothes.

The roster of twenty or so characters have their own combat styles with multiple unique special attacks, and all come equipped with three stances of sorts which drastically change their appearance along with the way they control.

While it would be easy to write off the game play as a Dynasty Warriors clone, there’s a much stronger emphasis on one on one combat after waves of little minions have been dealt with.

Now you see them!

Now you don’t!

The combat has a myriad of little mechanics that reward tactical play in the midst of all the button mashing, and while it’s not going to make any veteran fighting game experts turn their heads, landing a perfectly timed parry into a devastating super was always satisfying.

If fighting the AI gets boring – and it will – there’s the multiplayer mode, where players can take on another player via Ad Hoc or online multiplayer.

Unfortunately, I have very limited experience in fighting against other players given the nature of the review copy, but from what little I’ve seen, it appears to work fine.

There’s also the option to customize each and every character to one’s liking by buying new uniforms, accessories and even underwear for them to wear.

It sure feels awkward to try and hold a dramatic conversation after you’ve completely stripped your opponent naked.

I’m someone who’s not easily offended by ecchi content in general, and while it’s not a selling point for me as it might be for others, I found the combat to be largely enjoyable. Go into this one knowing what you’re getting into and you just might have a good time.

Fun Tidbit – I believe there’s an anime and manga based on the Senran Kagura series but I have no idea what came first.

Review copy of game provided by publisher.


  • Fast paced combat with flashy special attacks
  • A nice selection of characters with unique fighting styles


  • Gets repetitive rather quickly
  • Being forced to change characters constantly during story mode


Jae Lee

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