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Justin Celani

Breakfast, RPG, and Cartoons anyone?

Saturday morning cartoons in the 80’s were something special. Those that grew up in the 80’s know this and it holds a special place in our hearts. Luckily with today’s media options, those 80s cartoon can be re-watched again and again for both old and new viewers. Gaming wise though, finding titles that are inspired by said cartoons is hard to come by. Even shows still around like TMNT have a different feel then they once did. This is where Saturday Morning RPG comes in and shines.

Totally rad

Being an avid reader of ZTGD, there is no doubt in my mind most already know what we think of Saturday Morning RPG. This is the third review for the game, this time focusing on the Xbox One version. That said, let’s still go over some of the basics.


MSRP: $9.99
Price I’d Pay: $9.99
Multiplayer: n/a
How long to beat: 5+ hours

Marty is the main character players get to traverse 5 episodes of RPG goodness. Each one feels uniquely different enough, yet are bite sized in comparison to most RPGS. The core mechanics of RPG are all here. In turn based fashion, Marty will have to fight against a plethora of 80’s like bad guys, using 80’s like attacks. The combat reminded me mostly of the classic Paper Mario. Turn based, but offering real time button attack and defend bonuses. The other unique element is build up meter. Turns can be used to build up additional power for attacks, which can sometimes stop the enemies.

While the game isn’t super hard, there can be some tricky moments of knowing when to best save up your energy, heal, or attack. Nothing too troublesome for a RPG vet. The sticker system for bonus stat perks, trapper keeper live cover, and the various special attacks from a moon walk glove to a transformer semi, are fun to use and to see.

The visuals work well to give it a nostalgic feeling with cartoon like designs, colors, and pixel graphics. It doesn’t quite look like a game in the 80’s, far better even, but still gives it a sense of place for that time period. Sound wise, I love the soundtrack, but I still find the lack of voice acting a bit distracting, only because I can imagine in my head how much funnier or witty some of the lines could be delivered, bringing even more of that 80’s feel.


Awesome dude

ZTGD has covered Saturday Morning RPG via two other platforms, with each reviewer loving it and I can’t say I disagree with either of the other reviews. The Xbox One version feels just as good as on the other platformers with no noticeable issues of concern in comparison. If there are still players that haven’t had a chance to check out Saturday Morning RPG, for the price and quality, this can’t be beat.

Favorite moment: NOSTALGIA overflow, across the entire experience.

Worst moment: Wishing it was longer still. Maybe a sequel one day?

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  • Episode structure
  • Combat
  • Visuals


  • Short
  • No voice acting


Justin Celani
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