ZEN Pinball: Sorcerer’s Lair Review

ZEN Pinball: Sorcerer’s Lair Review

What we liked:

+ Addictive gameplay
+ Interesting atmosphere

What we didn't like:

- Convoluted at times

DEVELOPER: Zen Studios   |   PUBLISHER: Zen Studios   |   RELEASE: 04/26/2011


So Jake and his sister go into this ominous structure…

As Zen Pinball, the beloved pinball game from Zen Studios for the PSN, continues to get new material and add-ons, one of the tables that really stands out to me is the Sorcerer’s Lair. The story goes that there has always been a mysterious structure overlooking this village, and finally, one day, a boy named Jake and his sister decided to go inside. Now, I know it is odd to have a story for a pinball table, but the table’s personality does this kind of idea justice.

The table really does a great job trying to distinguish itself, with odd objects such as a moving tree with a face, gargoyles, an ominous tower, swords and shields and even the sorcerer himself standing at the head of the table. On the base, there are the pictures of the two young children, as well as a ghost named “Whisper” whom they are looking for. The table looks like a child’s storybook, complete with music to complement this. Overall, I really like the look of this table compared to the others available for the game.

There are some crazy multipliers that you can get, as well as a mini game for lighting up the three buttons in the middle of the table. The gameplay stands well on its own, and is as fun as pinball can get. It can get a little convoluted when trying to go for certain things, as anything will pop out at you, but it is fun, nonetheless. I will be the first to admit I am too young to have really played actual pinball, but as far as I am concerned it is fun, and gives you an itch to continue to drive for the higher score, and if you keep coming back to it, that’s all that matters.

Overall, this table is really well done, and worth the two dollars and fifty cents for those Zen Pinball fans looking for more time to sink in and I am sure the trend will continue, as Zen Studios looks like they are showing no signs of stopping.

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