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Wipeout Fusion

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DEVELOPER: Studio Liverpool   |   PUBLISHER: BAM! Entertainment   |   RELEASE: 06/17/2002

Once upon a time, there was a great gaming system called the Sony Playstation, and it was a very powerful system not only by the use of technology but also through the innovation of the games. One game in particular was a splendid title called Wipeout, and it introduced us to real world anti-gravity racing with a tad bit of combat thrown in. The game was one of the best racing games of it’s time, and through it’s popularity many sequels were born. Wipeout Fusion is the newest of the Wipeout children, is it a bright child or a mediocre camp-fest fueled by nostalgia, read on fellow gamers.

The Wipeout games had always been good in the ways of gameplay, well at lest decent as of late. Wipeout Fusion sticks to the tried and true gameplay elements of the other Wipeouts, which is both a good and bad thing. The positive aspects of this is the realistic anti-gravity that gives the player a sense of physics and speed. Even though the gameplay is quite exceptional I was just expecting something new from the forth game in the series. I mean come on, the great PS2 promised a revolution of innovated games, and I was expecting (or hoping) Wipeout Fusion to be like playing the first Wipeout all over again. I suppose that I was just expecting too much from the good old PS2.

The graphics of Wipeout Fusion are in a word, enough. Nice good graphics and not much more, Fusion Team should have taken the time to get under the hood of the PS2 and sucked that sucker dry. What we get are graphics that look as if were done on PSone hardware, and were then given a higher resolution, perhaps I was expecting too much. One level in the game the was a glitter of hope in the graphical department was the waterfall level. This level showed me what Fusion Team was capable of doing, too bad that time or expenses had perhaps goting in the way of what could have been the true evolution of the graphics of Fusion.

Another aspect of what Wipeout is known for is the Euro techno music. Now don’t get me wrong, I love techno music , but my taste in that (what was once underground) kind of music has changed. The music seems tiresome, typical, and practically generic. Is having melody in Euro techno music too much to ask for.

Overall, Wipeout Fusion is your standard Wipeout game, nothing more nothing less. If your a die-hard Wipeout fan(you’ve even enjoyed Wipeout 3) then you will enjoy this as well, it’s a solid title. If your a casual Wipeout fan then this might not be your cup of Chai tea. Newcomers to the Wipeout world could very well discover the magic of Wipeout Fusion and will see the game through untainted eyes, too bad, for my eye are quite tainted, I’ve seen too much. This is Gambus Kahn saying, (something cool, you decide)!

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