Unstoppable Gorg Review


Stop the aliens from taking our brains!

Aliens. I hate them. Most people do. They always want our brains for experimentation and our planet for the resources. Well, they’re here for that exact purpose in Unstoppable Gorg. Luckily for us, we have the technology to hold them off and ultimately defeat them for good.

Unstoppable Gorg is a unique tower defense game that has the player setting up satellites and other defenses in orbit around planets, space stations and settlements, in hopes of defending the people of the area while destroying the hoards of alien spacecrafts that are trying to reach your base.

The story seems to take place in 1950s USA. You get small war bulletins in black and white fashion with a quick talking announcer telling you what is going on in the space war between humans and the Gorg. It’s full of stock footage of scientists mixed with new CGI placements. There are even some battles shown that feature little model spacecrafts with visible fishing lines holding up the floating spacecraft models. It’s almost like watching an old 50s alien film like It Came from Outer Space. It’s actually really funny in some parts and very unique.

As far as the game play goes. It is a tower defense game with a small twist. You place “towers” on areas in orbit around your base. Once placed, you can repair, upgrade, or sell the unit. The twist is that you can actually rotate the orbit and, in turn, move the towers to where you need them to be. Granted, it is limited, but strategically choosing, placing and rotating your defenses is crucial for success in battle. The Gorg will always follow a specific path that is mapped out on the board by a green line. After a certain amount of waves, the path may change. This is when you need to adjust your orbits accordingly.

You must also place money generators in order to create resources for building new defenses or upgrading the ones you have. You gain a small amount of money for destroying Gorg ships as well, but you must keep a constant flow of money. There is also a technology tower that generates research. If you plant one during a battle, it will generate technology. When the technology bar is filled in the battle, after you complete the level, you will be awarded with an upgrade point. Upgrade points are selected before you start a level. You choose what defenses you want to bring with you and how you far you want to be able to upgrade each tower based on your shared pool of upgrade points. It’s a fine balance between simply using defenses and trying to go for a new upgrade point by placing a technology generator, thereby losing a spot where you could place a defense.

The game features a story mode that tells the tale of the humans defending against the Gorg, a challenge mode that has you replaying levels with special rules attached to them and a free mode that has you trying to survive as long as you can while the waves get more difficult and more frequent.

The only real problem I had with the game is that when ships do get past your defenses and reach your base, they will begin circling around the base damaging it. When this happens, you usually only have two slots for defenses in the closest orbit to your base, so placing units in that orbit and having them take out the enemies before they destroy your base can be a losing battle if you’re not careful. The difficulty will begin to ramp up about halfway through the story mode, and it doesn’t apologize. Luckily, you can change the difficulty at anytime.

For ten bucks, you get a pretty enjoyable tower defense game. The cut scenes are unique and full of 1950s goofiness and hot pin-up girls that give off a nice charm. The game itself is rather enjoyable as well, even if the later story levels get rather difficult. If you’re into tower defense games, you should really check this game out. It’s fun, strategic and really charming.

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