Turok Evolution

Turok Evolution

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DEVELOPER: Acclaim   |   PUBLISHER: Acclaim   |   RELEASE: 08/31/2002

It’s not often we get a game released simultaneously on all three systems, it’s also not often that ZTGD reviews such a huge release before those other sites but since they feel they are too good and busy this holiday weekend here we are giving you the best! Turok Evolution is one of the most anticipated game this fall and for good reason the N64 versions rocked! Turok is by far one of my favorite franchises and I am stoked to see it come to the new consoles. Was I impressed or depressed? Find out!

I am sure the PS2 fanboys are in here now after reading my PS2 review and saying “Oh my God how can he score the XBox version so much higher?? PS2 is so much better!” Well that is easy, it’s like playing two completely different games, while Turok on PS2 can be fun at times, the Xbox version is fun almost all the way through. This is mostly because it doesn’t have frame rate issues, it has 4-player action in multi-player, and it has tons more enemies and dinosaurs onscreen at once! Not to mention it’s so much prettier to look at! The Xbox and Gamecube versions are so identical you can basically take this review for either version so Cube followers be happy, this game rocks for you too!

As I stated in the PS2 review I love the score, the mixture of orchestrated bliss had me humming along. The sound effects are also very nice and the support of Dolby Digital 5.1 is a beautiful way of saying that the sound team took the extra time to code it in for the system that supports it so well. BTW the PS2 version uses Dolby Pro Logic II which is basically saying, we cannot do 5.1 that well without coding it in hehehe. This game screams on a surround sound system with bass pounding explosions and treble inducing dino screams, it is a beautiful thing.

I also mentioned that the PS2 version had sloppy controls, well the Xbox version surpasses it once again with smooth controls and solid game play. No delays here this game is quick and fast, I have to mention though that the Cube version is just a hair tighter, nothing too much but enough to mention. Using the dual analog setup is a far cry from the original Turok style using the c-buttons on the N64 controller to move, but it gets the job done. If I had my way I would use the N64 or Dreamcast controller for every console FPS out there, those controllers were designed with FPS games in mind!

Evolution takes the series back to it’s roots with straight ahead action style game play and massive carnage. Being a prequel to the original Turok game the story unfolds very nicely detailing the origins of the Turok legacy. The only tedious part of this game are the flying stages, these become repetitive very quickly and you end up hoping they will end soon. Sure it’s a nice diversion but the whole time I was thinking please let me get back on the ground and blow shit up! The Xbox version also has much more environmental attractions, more onscreen enemies and background dinosaurs really give you the feel of being in the Lost Land, no fears Cube owners you are graced as well.

Turok has finally come to the new systems and while not as fresh as he used to be this game does deliver what Turok fans know and love…carnage! Fast action paced game play with kick ass weapons and solid game play Turok is a buyer for fans of the genre. Curious parties should be suffice with a rent but the true fans will continue coming back for more deathmatch fun. Overall a great game that truly stands out on the Xbox and Gamecube, if you haven’t bought a new system yet perhaps it’s time to finally put that Dual Shock down boys and get a man’s system!

Ken McKown
Ken is the Editor-in-Chief of this hole in the wall and he loves to troll for the fun of it. He also enjoys long walks through Arkham Asylum and the cool air of Shadow Moses Island. His turn-ons include Mortal Kombat, Metal Gear Solid and StarCraft.

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