Toy Soldiers: Invasion!

Toy Soldiers: Invasion!

What we liked:

+ Same solid gameplay
+ Awesome boss battle

What we didn't like:

- No new weapons
- Quite short

DEVELOPER: Signal Studios   |   PUBLISHER: Microsoft Game Studios   |   RELEASE: 09/29/2010

Batteries and variety not included.

Toy Soldiers was originally released back in March of this year. A Tower Defence game at its core, it also gave you the ability to take control of any of your weapon placements. It was quirky and fun, and done well for developers Signal Games.

DLC was soon to follow, the latest of which is Invasion. Weighing in at 400msp, it adds a little variety to the mix. Instead of just seeing off the German toy soldiers, you also need to keep the alien toy hordes at bay. These include Alien Soldiers, Space Tanks, UFO’s and the mighty RoboBob!! Over the course of three new levels you will also get to take control of two new vehicles, the F-17 Space Tank and the P51 Mustang Plane.

The missions don’t play any differently to those of the original game. Place your weapons, learn the enemy patterns and take control where needed. The only challenge confronting the player comes right at the end when you face RoboBob. And boy, what a challenge it is! RoboBob is one massive bad-ass. He can be a little cheap and frustrating, but it is definitely the best boss battle in the entire game.

Anyone familiar with Toy Soldiers will instantly feel at home. All the same weapons are there, and it all plays in the same way. And there in lies the issue I have with the DLC. There are no new weapons, and with the exception of RoboBob, the enemy soldiers are just a re-skin of the German toys. With only three new campaign missions, which won’t take you much longer than an hour to get through, you may feel a little robbed even if it is only 400msp.

There are however two new multi-player maps, and a new survival map as well. That does make up a little for the shortage of single player missions. But if you are anything like me, you will hardly touch the multi-player.

Overall, if you really enjoyed Toy Soldiers, then I’m sure you could find worse things to spend your Microsoft Points on, just don’t expect to get anything in the way of new weapons or gameplay.

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John Whitehouse
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