The Curse of the Zombiesaurus (DLC) Review


Spooky Spooklings.

Kefling DLC packs are a lot like buses, you wait ages for one and then two come along all at once.

The Curse of the Zombiesaurus DLC adds a whole new story to A World of Keflings. The Kefling princess has been kidnapped by the Zombiesaurus. With the help of your trusty sidekicks, Doug and Brodie, you manage to follow it to the Kefling land of the dead. You are then greeted by Count Kefula and the Horseless Headman. From there on in, the standard Kelfing mechanics kick in.

As with the Sugar and Spice DLC, because the scenery has changed, so have the minerals you have to harvest. This time round you must get the Spooklings to harvest Deadwood, Brimstone and bones. Later in the game, you will also need to collect Ectoplasm from ghosts; cue some nice Ghostbuster references.

The game also introduces a new kind of Kelfing, the Scarecrows. These little fellas are real workhorses. They start at level 7, so straight off the bat they are faster and can carry more minerals. They are also used to create different items, which will be needed for the later blueprints.

With a new land, there are lots of new blueprints to earn or find. These are built in the normal fashion, by harvesting minerals and using those to create items. All of the blueprints will design you something that will be of use to you later on down the line. Most are required to either build new items or convert one type of mineral to another. But of course, you will already know how this works if you have played Keflings before.

As usual, the game manages to retain it’s humour. The new cast of Keflings are strange and funny, a witch (who happens to be the princess’ twin sister), a grave digger who turns in to a werewolf and a genius Frank-Einstein are all on hand.

By giving Kefling fans the same quality of gameplay, but changing the setting, NinjaBee has done a great job of making it appealing to return to the world of Keflings. The only problem is that releasing both DLC packs so close to each other, fans may have to choose between one or the other. If that is the case, then Zombiesaurus is probably the best way to go. It has a little more content and gives slightly more value for money.

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