What we liked:

+ Clear graphics
+ Realistic reactions to the actions/paths

What we didn't like:

- The size of the bottons along the bottom

DEVELOPER: Spaces of Play   |   PUBLISHER: Spaces of Play   |   RELEASE: 2010
Spirits, a mind blowing, puzzling strategy game developed by Spaces of Play.

Spirits is all about moving spirit figures towards the swirling destination located on all 40 maps. The game starts out with a brief description on how to play and how to manipulate the specific powers that your spirits are given on certain maps. Selecting moves is simple – unless you have big fingers, it gets a little tight on space on some levels! Other then that moves can be made flawlessly. You don’t get to directly move your spirits, you have to guide them to the correct path which you choose by using the powers you are given.

With forty levels to go through with each level of difficultly increasing each stage you pass, level one is a simple task which lets you figure out both how to use your spirits powers and how to get to your maps next level portal with the amount of spirits required. Along the top of the game screen there is a bar that tells you just how many spirits you have left to use and how many sprits you have left to save and put through the next level portal.

The puzzles are very intriguing and addictive to the point where you can’t stop playing until you figure out your spirits correct path through the map. The game gives you the option of awaking all the spirits at the same time, which can make the current puzzle even more puzzling. As the levels increase the ability to pause the game becomes quite useful since you can’t control three spirits all at the same time. Many wrong choices and actions that can easily be fixed with the restart option, and even though there may be a lot of times that you try a level over and over again, each time you learn something new from your previous mistakes and use that information towards the next attempt of getting passed the current level.

Besides the actual purpose of the game being creatively puzzling, both the music and the graphics were very well done and highly enjoyable. The graphics were easy on the eyes and very crisp and clear to see, combined with the mystical chipper music in the background this game was easy to get drawn into. This is the type of game which I enjoy because it isn’t just the simple action game, it is a game which you have to use your imagination and a well thought out strategy. Most people would very much enjoy the game if they have patience – patience for a game like this is required just for all the mistakes that you will be making.

While the game itself was amazing to me there was a problem I encountered that I didn’t very much enjoy: having the restart button so big at the bottom of the screen when you pause the game to set up what you want your spirits actions to be. There were many times when I restarted a level that I really didn’t want to start back over again.

Each level is creatively and strategically well done which makes the game overall pretty addictive. You can repeat any level if you wish to discover all the different ways there are to completing a stage. Spirits is very puzzling, well thought-through mind game, you just need to have an open-mind to finish.

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