Ski Jumping 2011

Ski Jumping 2011

What we liked:

+ Graphics
+ Crisp Display
+ Smooth Integration

What we didn't like:

- Very simple
- Too repetitive
- You have to be fast and very good with timing

DEVELOPER: Vivid Games   |   PUBLISHER: Vivid Games   |   RELEASE: 01/20/2011

The simple and almost no-brainer game that can be a life saver to briefly pass the time.

Ski Jump 11 is one of the most straightforward handheld winter games out there. You assign yourself a ski team where you then play as a skier and take on some dare-devil jumps. The goal is to try and get the furthest and the highest when jumping off the ramp in order to receive the most points. The game is very simple just because of the fact that all you have to do is tap the screen at a certain point – though if you have very large fingers or slow reaction time, then this game might not be so simple.

When first opening the game you go straight to the main menu where you are given the option to do a “quick-jump” which is the quick-play. Ski Jump also gives you an option to look at the trophy room where you can see all the trophies you have earned for your jumps and it is there where you can connect to the game center to share your achievements with other players. Of course besides the actual gaming options you are given the settings, help, and credits options. Overall a very well set up game main menu, everything is clearly understandable and efficient.

When you first start the game and at the beginning of your first run, the game gives a brief explanation of your main goal and what you have to do to get there. You are given a trial run that explains how to start your skier and when he gets off the ramp you learn to tap a bar that displays above the skier, whenever it hits green in order for you to earn as much points as possible. If you miss once or even multiple times you will quickly learn that it not only costs you points but could even end up you crashing your skier and not receiving any points at all for that round. Since you are racing against other teams from other countries, losing points isn’t what you want to risk.

Even though the game can get a bit boring because you are continuously doing the same thing, it is a good game to have when you need something to keep you entertained for no longer then 5 minutes. Ski Jump 11 is very well made, I would even say 100% error proof. Its smooth running makes it easy to get lost in the game, not to mention that the graphics are so well done that you feel like you are in the winter season every time you play. Now I am not the type that enjoys games like this one where it is almost the same thing each round, it is a good game to have if you like winter sports and enjoy those short, brief, and simple games.

Overall a very well made game that will keep the buyers pleased.

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