Shoot Many Robots Review

Shoot Many Robots Review

What we liked:

+ Funny premise
+ Good game play
+ Co-op is a blast
+ Tons of crazy equipment to collect
+ Good RPG elements
+ Nice presentation

What we didn't like:

- Some later levels get difficult
- Sometimes co-op can get too hectic

DEVELOPER: Demiurge Studios   |   PUBLISHER: Ubisoft   |   RELEASE: 03/14/2012


Grab a beer, reload your laser rife and shoot some toasters.

Imagine for a second that technology has grown faster then we anticipated. We created AI that surpassed what we could ever even conceive. They became smarter than us, faster than us and realized they were better than us. One day, they decided they were sick of us treating them like they exist only to do our bidding. They rebelled, conquered mankind and started creating a new civilization free of human tyranny. Now, imagine that when that happened, human beings known as rednecks that enjoy big guns, drinking beer and hunting robots start going on a robot-killing spree. Now that you have that in your head, turn that into a video starring a redneck named P. Walter Tugnut, and have the new game Shoot Many Robots.

Shoot Many Robots is a run and gun side scrolling shooter, much like a Contra or Metal Slug game. The game features RPG elements along with gear, new weapons with better stats, and a leveling system.

A fireman with immense firepower.

During combat, you can have two weapons equipped on your Tugnut. One weapon will always have infinite ammo while the secondary weapon will have a limited amount. The secondary is usually your heavy heavy hitter. Save that for the tougher robots. Tugnut can also punch and slide, both of which do damage to enemies that are up close. The punch will also send bullets fired at you back at the robot that fired it. Tugnut also has the ability to double jump. Anytime he is running low on health, tap the right bumper to slug down a beer and regain your health. The game features a combo system, as well. The more enemies you hit and destroy, the higher your multiplier will go. The better the multiplier, the more nuts (the game’s currency) will drop.

The game offers you a choice of levels with different environments, enemies, and hazards. One minute you’ll be on a farm taking on what looks like crazed agrarian equipment. The next, you’ll be in a ruined city running through apartments while mowing down the robot hoard.

In between missions, you hang out at your RV. Here, you can go to the store to purchase new weapons and gear. When I say there is a lot of stuff to buy, I mean there’s a metric crap-ton. Not only are there special weapons, but upgraded versions of the same weapon also. These include shotguns, assault rifles and pistols along with the more extreme chain guns, laser beam cannons and rocket launchers. The gear that can be strapped on comes in the form of head, body and leg equipment. All have very different stats and looks. Better equipment will offer you additional bonuses like higher critical hit chance, more ammo, stronger attack power and faster speed. There’s nothing quite like exploding a giant robot blimp with a grenade launcher while wearing a powdered wig and a jet pack.

Tugnut will also gain experience for killing robots. When he levels up, his maximum hit points will increase. There is also a level requirement for some equipment and weapons, so taking on as many robots as you can will take you one step closer to that awesome helmet you’ve had your eye on.

Of course, you can choose to take on the robot apocalypse with some hillbilly buddies if you’d like. There is 4-player co-op throughout the entire game. You can bring your own Tugnut into another person’s game and gain both experience and nuts for your own play through. All the progress you made in co-op will carry over to your single player as well. Everything is integrated very well, and the co-op is just as fun as the single player but with a more competitive aspect. The player that kills the most robots in a level not only gets bragging rights, but more nuts to use for buying new equipment. For the most part, the co-op is really fun, but at times when it gets hectic, and it’s hard to tell what’s going on. Demiurge Studios did a good job of distinguishing who’s who, but there were times I was getting hit but couldn’t really tell how.

The bosses in the game can be immense. Better bring back-up!

There is also an online leader board for the guys who really want to compete with other players. You get scored on how well you do in each level both in time, number of robots killed and survival. It keeps the challenge on its toes.

The overall feel of the game is really funny. The descriptions of the equipment and the goofiness of the entire game really give off a nice charm. I love the environments and light-hearted feel despite the setting of a bleak world overrun by killer robots. The music, a blend of Old Rock and Southern Country, really complements the game’s tone very well.

I have to say, this is a really fun game. Some of the later levels can get rather difficult, but in a game like this, playing the same stage multiple times will reward you in both currency and experience points. Of course, if you do find a level to be too challenging, you can always jump online with some fellow rednecks and have a blast cooperatively. If you’re looking for a fun little shooter that is not only enjoyable alone but also with some friends, you really need to check out Shoot Many Robots.

Review copy of game provided by publisher.


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