Resident Evil 6 (PC) Review


Evil returns in a much higher resolution.

It seems like only yesterday that Resident Evil 6 finally arrived on consoles. The series has been on a slow path away from the traditional horror mechanic for three titles now, and the latest entry took it even further with more action, more button-pressing mini-games and bigger action sequences. Now, roughly six months later, the experience has been made available to a new audience with the PC version. This release contains all the patches trickled down to the console versions over that time, as well as boasting polished visuals, but this is still the same Resident Evil 6 that hit 360 and PS3 back in October.

This review will be covering the differences in the PC version. If you want a full rundown of the original game, you can read our full review of the console release here.

One of the first things to note about this version is that it has all the patches gamers may have missed since the original release. These include being able to select acts, as well as chapters within them, as they are completed. This allows players to go back to previous sections to earn higher scores or collect emblems (the game’s collectible). The other major addition is the fix for the camera system. Options include the ability to pull it back from the action for a better view of the surroundings. This makes Chris’ section significantly better, as slamming into cover no longer causes the view to become problematic.

The visuals have also been greatly improved. Capcom has an excellent track record recently with their PC ports. Resident Evil 6 continues that trend by really bringing out just how good segments of this title look. Water effects are amazing, and the new texture work is, at times, stunning. Even with a powerful machine running the action, the claustrophobic environments and abysmal level design of some of the areas aren’t improved, though. Everything else though looks fantastic, including a superb frame rate and lighting effects that vibrantly pop off the screen.

Anyone looking for a pack of new features, or added DLC, will come away disappointed. Even though it arrives six months after the other versions, the additional content available on consoles is not included. Instead, it is available for purchase on day one; meaning Onslaught and Siege mode are still behind a paywall. To compensate, Resident Evil 6 on PC is priced lower (starting out at $39.99), but let’s be honest, finding the console version at a discount isn’t difficult.

There is one new, exclusive mode for PC called Mercenaries: No Mercy, but it is really only an extension of the regular Mercenaries mode with added enemies. PC players will also be able to patch the game to use Left 4 Dead 2 characters in the multiplayer modes, which is cool, but nothing revolutionary for titles featured on Steam, as this is a regular practice.

PC purists will be happy to know that mouse and keyboard controls work fine, but I still recommend a 360 controller for optimal experience. It is also worth searching the web for advanced control tactics. There are a lot of things the game fails to mention in the standard tutorial. This is a surprisingly deep shooter that most will never uncover due a lack of explanation of the finer points of the controls.

One of the best things about Resident Evil 6 is its immense amount of content. The game is packed with four campaigns, playable in online and split-screen co-op. That alone is 20+ hours of content, even if only experienced once. Factor in all the online modes, and the experience is more than worth its price tag. Fans looking to scratch the survival horror itch will likely still not come away impressed by the direction the series has taken. Resident Evil has become more of an action-horror game; a change I have welcomed with open arms.

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This game was reviewed on an ORIGIN PC
  • Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77I Deluxe
  • Liquid Cooling: Origin Frostbyte 120 Liquid Cooling
  • Processor: Intel i7 3770K with Professional Origin PC Overclocking
  • Memory: Corsair 8GB 1600 Mghz Vengeance
  • Graphics Card: EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670


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  1. You’re review absolutely blows and it shows that you know nothing about Resident Evil, the series and where it came from. You suck bro. Go play Call of duty if you want action, simple minded morons like you are the reason why RE was taken in this direction.

    • Your irony is appreciated, and thanks for reading.

    • LMAO, your comment shows that YOU know nothing about resident evil.

      i recall resident evil 1 very much being an action game that was set against a horror background with puzzle elements. the end battle was a boss fight that you won using a rocket launcher ffs .

      get a grip!!!


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