Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape

Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape

What we liked:

+ Plenty of action
+ New Mercs characters
+ Intense final scene

What we didn't like:

- No new enemy types
- Not much story involved
- Recycled levels

DEVELOPER: Capcom   |   PUBLISHER: Capcom   |   RELEASE: 03/04/2010

Another fine helping of DLC love.

The second DLC released for Resident Evil 5 is here and with it a much different approach. Lost in Nightmares was more of a nod back to the classic days of RE where puzzles and exploration were dominant. This second chapter focuses more on action as it basically puts you in wave after wave of enemies in order to see if you can survive. These two packages couldn’t be more different, but both still bring the Resident Evil spirit, and for five bucks it is hard not to recommend this second package.

Again if you have not completed the original game you will need to make it quite far in the story before being able to dig into this newest DLC. This time around you assume control of Jill again, but this time with partner Josh from the main story of RE5. This takes place immediately after Chris and Sheva have the battle with Wesker and Jill late in the main game. Jill and Josh then must storm across the compound and make it to the chopper to help Chris and Sheva. What ensues is a race against wave after wave of enemy in a test of skill.

The name of this DLC is action and first and foremost you have to be quick on the trigger. Enemies pile out at you in droves, and not just common thugs, the game throws some of the harder enemies at you as well. Chainsaw guys and armored enemies, rocket launchers and even the larger, harder to take down baddies plague this pack. There simply are not enough bullets to keep them all at bay forcing you to use every single trick in your arsenal just to survive. While there are no traditional boss fights, the end section where you have to survive a set amount of time on a rooftop really brought back memories of past games, and was the highlight of the main story.

The biggest disappointment with this DLC is that it brings nothing really new to the table. The characters are cool, but no new enemies, settings or anything really make it stand out. Also if you are not a fan of the RE shooting mechanic, than there really isn’t much to see here as it really does throw nothing but action at you from start to finish. The minor addition to the story is also somewhat inadequate, really more filling in a gap than actually adding to the narrative. Still for five bucks action fans and RE fans should definitely check it out.

Outside of the hour long session you also get access to Mercenaries Reunion if you didn’t already purchase Lost in Nightmares. This pack includes two new characters to the mix with Rebecca Chambers of RE0 game and of course Josh from the actual DLC. If you already have mercenaries this adds two more characters to the mix, and I have to say Rebecca’s shotgun is tons of fun in this mode. Reunion is a nice diversion, but without adding some new maps, players who already took the plunge with LiN, will likely be a bit disappointed.

Desperate Escape will likely please the action-oriented fans of the series, but those that prefer the refreshing take Lost in Nightmares delivered, should probably stay away. Of course it is all personal preference, but I found LiN a little more enjoyable overall. Still if you love RE and simply cannot get enough the price of this DLC is definitely more than worth it. Five bucks for an action-packed hour of zombie-blasting goodness is definitely a steal. I still recommend playing with a real partner in co-op though as this pack is definitely more challenging than the last.

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