Pinball FX 2: Marvel Pinball – Fantastic Four Review

Pinball FX 2: Marvel Pinball – Fantastic Four Review

What we liked:

+ Amazing voice acting
+ Great visuals
+ Outstanding fan service

What we didn't like:

- Will eat a lot of your time!

DEVELOPER: Zen Studios   |   PUBLISHER: Zen Studios   |   RELEASE: 05/17/2011


It’s clobberin’ time!

Ever since I read the review of the Marvel tables for Pinball FX2, I knew I had to go and download the pack of tables. I mean, I’m a huge Marvel fan and I love me some pinball! The characters that were selected for the tables are ones that I actually liked, with Blade being my favorite (I bet you thought I was going to say Wolverine). While I loved these tables, something just wasn’t right. Blade can get his own table but America’s favorite foursome got left behind? That’s just crazy! Well, the crazy fog has lifted from the folks over at Zen, and at long last, The Fantastic Four is now available to you in pinball form.

Like the previous tables, the FF table comes with its own theme, power-ups, challenges, and unique villains. In this table, you will find the FF’s most popular villains consisting of the Skrulls, Doctor Doom and his Doombots, and Galactus with the Silver Surfer at his side.

Standing in their way, of course, are the Fantastic Four. Even though in the comic world, one member perished recently, but he/she makes the cut for the table as this was released just in time to celebrate 50 years of the FF. Like all previous tables, all four FF members, Dr. Doom, and Galactus are fully animated 3D models.

Just as in the other Marvel tables, each character has different powers. The stretchy Mr. Fantastic can stretch his arms, grab the balls and move them. The Human Torch can burst into flames and set an entire ramp on fire while the Invisible Woman can, not only turn herself invisible, but she can set up a force field to defend herself from Doc Dooms energy beams and prevent the ball from shrinking. The loveable Thing can punch, grab and throw the ball, and can even shake the entire table!

Of course, the villains have powers of their own. Dr. Doom can attack the Baxter Building, can cast electrified balls and destroy them. Galactus can shoot beams from his eyes. He even builds his energy converter on top of the Baxter Building as he gets ready to devour Planet Earth.

Besides all the awesome fan service that Zen included in all the Marvel tables and the amazing visuals, the one thing that really stuck out is the voice overs. All four previous Marvel tables have outstanding voice acting, but the FF table exceeds that. Obviously, pinball doesn’t have a lot of lines as a normal game, but the FF table has quite a few more lines then the other Marvel tables, and the voice acting is way better than a few games that are dialogue-heavy.

After I sat and played this table for longer than I care to admit (it was hours when I thought it was only a few minutes), I must say that Zen really out-did themselves with the Fantastic Four table. They did a Marvel-ous job with the four previous tables and really raised the bar with their current release. Along with the three achievements/trophies to find/earn, the fan service is top-notch, the visuals are stunning, the controls remain simple, and the voice acting is superb. I loved everything about this table and, to be completely honest, I’m not a huge FF fan! So, if you are a Marvel fan, a Fantastic Four fan, a comic book fan in general, or all of the above, you owe it to yourself to purchase this table. At only being $3, it’s some of the best “DLC” that you will buy.

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