Pinball FX 2: MARS Review

Pinball FX 2: MARS Review

What we liked:

+ Lots of missions
+ Exciting set pieces
+ Impressive table

What we didn't like:

- A bit pricey

DEVELOPER: Zen Studios   |   PUBLISHER: Zen Studios   |   RELEASE: 04/20/2011


Zen Studios continues to deliver the goods.

I will start by getting the negative point out of the way first: the price. Normally tables for Pinball FX2 sit at the 200msp mark, but for some reason Mars is 240msp! I know its only 40msp more, but I thought that 200 was a nice price point. It’s not something I hope Zen will make a habit of.

Now, on to the good stuff. The table is the latest in the long line of DLC from ZEN Studios for Pinball FX2. Zen has really given the game a lot of support, from the old Pinball FX tables, to the more recent Marvel additions. It is something that has kept the fans coming back time and again. This time around, you are off to Mars (obviously), and to get there you will need some vital equipment; The Space Flight Shuttle, The Space Station and The Spider (a small robotic device that helps you keep your ball in play).

The first thing that you will need to do is to activate the flight shuttle, the space station and the spider, this is done by hitting certain ramps and holes. These are essential, as without them you cannot access all the missions. From there, it’s the same as any of the FX2 tables, explore the area and complete the missions. As you progress, you will activate set pieces that will open up new routes for the ball to travel. The missions themselves are fairly standard, and requiring you to hit certain points on the table, or to get your ball across ramps within a time limit. It’s the way most of them play that stands out.

Take, for instance, the ‘Collecting Samples’ mission; a robotic arm deploys from the Flight Shuttle and hovers over different areas of the table and you have to get the ball under it. The arm will then pick up the ball and place it in the shuttle’s hull. It looks really good and adds another level of excitement. Another mission sees the table covered in wormholes that instantly transport the ball. This makes keeping the ball in play a real challenge. There are lots of missions to sink your teeth into, along with set pieces, ramps, holes and obstacles. It certainly is enough to keep you busy and will definitely require multiple plays to see all that the table has to offer.

The table itself is gorgeous. They really have pushed the boat out with this one. Vibrant and colourful, the table seems to come to life as you play. The missions are marked with fancy holographic pointers and the space station and spider dance about the table with grace. It is by far the best looking table yet!

This game is a must for hardcore FX2 fans. They will not be disappointed. As for the games for casual player, the price tag may be a bit higher, but I think it’s worth it. Mars is, without a doubt, the best table so far for FX2. Exciting and immersive, Mars explodes in a shower of neon and silver to overwhelm your eyeballs! Zen now has a new benchmark to develop their future tables against.

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