More Zombies?!

More Zombies?!

What we liked:

+ Zombies - more of them!
+ Sound
+ Varied arsenal

What we didn't like:

- Control placement

DEVELOPER: Pocket Monkey Games   |   PUBLISHER: Pocket Monkey Games   |   RELEASE: 03/12/2010

Shred the undead with Bob, the bullet delivery system.

Do you find yourself in need of more zombies? Has Pocket Monkey Games got the survival shooter for you. In the cunningly titled More Zombies?! you play as Bob, a.k.a. Bullet Delivery Man, the guy who brings the hurt.

I like that Bob takes his work seriously. Clad in a crisp white shirt and a sober tie I can tell he’s all business. The game has a very distinct, drawn style, and I like it. You might hate it – hey, it’s art. You face down the hordes of the undead in an urban landscape. With a relatively limited battlefield Bob can move in any direction with an isometric view of the street. The compact battleground necessitates strategy, and deft maneuvering. Survival style, the same basic types of zombies are encountered throughout, just in more formidable numbers.

Zombies come in different speeds, sizes and strengths. As a general rule, unleash holy hellfire on their undead tushes til they fall – yeah, that’s a pro tip. Beginning with a handgun Bob quickly snags some more serious firepower from zombies felled. Why the claw-happy zombies are packing Uzis is a part of zombie lore not yet addressed. In addition to an Uzi, there’s the likes of an AK-47, shotgun and flamethrower at your disposal. All guns are stored in a munitions chest, and you can keep up to three handy for quick draw by opening up the chest and dragging them into the slots at the bottom of the screen. This makes it easy to switch between the three guns as well as swap them out. Each weapon deals different damage, and with the high volume of zombies cool down time is a critical factor.

The lower portion of the screen is a view of the street, while the upper third are the buildings and other such civic ambiance. With an onscreen joystick that allows you to move freely and fluidly in any direction, the controls are fundamentally good. It’s easy to navigate, and you swap firing direction with a button on the lower right. These controls are simple and effective, however they are placed on the lower part of the screen which is the only onscreen real estate also occupied by Bob and the zombies. With so much un-traversible space consuming the upper portion of the screen it would make more sense to shift things just enough so that there is static space for at least part of the controls. It’s hard enough battling a zombie horde without your thumb covering them up – and I have dainty lady thumbs.

The sound is good, particularly gunfire. On the golden age of internet side of things, More Zombies?! makes good use of OpenFeint, incorporating achievements into gameplay – though most achievements are pretty easy to nab on your first play. Zombies trashed adds to your score, and time survived is a particular point of pride. The game is priced at .99, and already has multi-player co-op and additional levels queued for release making the game a great value.

If you’re a fan of survival shooters and entertain dreams of being clawed to death in a blaze of zombie-fighting glory, odds are good that More Zombies?! is in your wheelhouse. From menu to shoot-em-up, the gameplay is streamlined and tailored perfectly for mobile play. In a moment’s time you will be shredding the undead into bite-sized hunks with Bob’s bullet delivery system, a satisfying way to pass a commute – or an afternoon – in preparation for the coming apocalypse.

Review copy provided by publisher.

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