Luxor 2

Luxor 2

What we liked:

+Fun waste of time
+Great challenge
+The perfect family game

What we didn't like:

-It’s a copy of Zuma (be somewhat original)
-Too busy at times
-Can be a little monotonous
-Too many levels (there are 88!)

DEVELOPER: MumboJumbo LLC   |   PUBLISHER: Microsoft Game Studios   |   RELEASE: 04/04/2007

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I have become an arcade junkie. But, I am partial to a select few. At the top of that list at the moment, is Luxor 2. It is both fun and challenging. There are a whopping 88 levels! Though someone should let Xbox know that we already had this game. The first time it came down the wire it was called Zuma. The creators of this game, Mumbo Jumbo, realized the hold Zuma can have on its’ biggest fans so they decided to send us their version. I have know idea whos was first, but I got to Zuma first and it sucked me in.

That being said, Luxor 2 is fun, but aggravating that they sent down another version of a game we already have. The ball colors are basically the same. Even the ball collapse sound is pretty close. Any true Zuma fan will like Luxor 2 because its new, but eventually gravitate back to Zuma.

There are four different ways to play, all single player, though they are all basically the same: Adventure, Survival, Practice and Pharaoh’s Challenge.

Visuals & Sound:
The visuals, and sound for that matter, are nothing to write home about. Then again, they aren’t the point. You don’t need anything flashy. You are a tiny winged ball shooter. That becomes your obsession. The colors are bright and cheery and every board is set against an Egyptian backdrop. Nefertiti’ Necklace, Viaducts, Villages and Oil Lamps are just a sampling of the backdrops; all of them with their own unique paths forcing you to take crazy angle shots that will make you hold you breath until the ball lands in its place.

The music is kind of dull, but then it does have a way of blending into the background as part of the game, which, in my opinion, is how all video game music should be. I hate it when a games music is so annoying you don’t want to play it; even when it is a game you like. But then again, it is the 360, you could just plug in your own soundtrack.

Controlling Luxor 2 is quite simple really (and should be!) and this is one place where Luxor 2 differs from Zuma. You are a little golden-winged ball shooter (I have made that the technical term for it) at the bottom of the screen. Your little golden-winged ball shooter slides back and forth across the bottom of your screen via the left thumbstick. When you think you have you angle in the right place, you shoot your little red, green, blue, or yellow (etc.) ball with the A button and hope you land it in the right place.

Don’t forget to catch the things that fall from the collapsed balls. They can really get you out of sticky situations at times! Sometimes they shoot out coins – collect those – after you have colleted 30, you get an “extra life”. Other times they may shoot out these other winged things (another technical term I have just made up) and they are really cool, too. They will allow you to do various things. The color bomb blows up all the balls of a specified color. There are two lighting ones; my favorite is the lighting storm. It sends out a frenzy of lighting bolts and will wipe out half your board. There are also daggers. It doesn’t matter where you shoot them, they will find a target, but they also help create some good chains. There are several other winged things to collect as well.

Also, don’t forget to catch the sparkling treasures that ricochet around – they are worth serious points as you go up in levels.

I got 5 achievements early on when I began playing. There are, like all arcades, 200 points to collect. Some are easily snagged – others you have to work for. Some you are working on just going up in levels so you don’t really try for them; you acquire them eventually.

Online Functionality:
Luxor 2 supports Xbox Live with the Leaderboards only. There are no “Battle of the Balls”, so to speak, options. I do love, with all my games, to see where I am in the leaderboards. Right now I rank in the top 1000 and I am trying to get higher. ZT may have his frighteningly high gamerscore, but I occasionally knock him out of the leaderboards. A fact I truly love. I can beat ZT at something at least, HA! A girls gotta have something, right?

The verdict is this: Luxor 2 is fun, plain and simple. It won’t win awards, but then again it doesn’t really need to. It is after all just an arcade game, and I do love my arcade.

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