Let’s TAP: Silent Blocks

Let’s TAP: Silent Blocks

What we liked:

+ If you like Jenga
+ Alchemist Mode

What we didn't like:

- Shaky tap control

DEVELOPER: iPrope   |   PUBLISHER: Sega   |   RELEASE: 10/09/2009
Let’s Jenga!

Prope’s Wii collection of games are in your iPhone! The Let’s Tap series, famed for its vibration-based controls, now have you putting your iPhone on a tissue box so you can tap-tap-tap away. Lacking a tissue box on your morning commute, you can select the Touch mode that allows tapping on the screen or the Free mode that lets you tap any part of the phone. Having tried out all three methods, I’ll save you some time: you will want to keep a tissue box handy. With the Let’s Tap series broken into five small games for the Apple devices, we will serve up our analyses here in bite-sized reviews for each.

Silent Blocks is, simply, Jenga. Feature two modes, the gist is the same in each: gently tap to remove blocks from a teetering tower. Removing blocks to combine blocks of like color cause them to fuse into jewel blocks. In Binary mode you have 100 moves to fuse as many blocks as you can, hopefully not bringing the tower down in the meantime. Alchemist mode is geared toward the puzzle-minded, with a handful of difficulties tasking you with creating specific jewel blocks in a limited number of moves.

In Binary you “level up” every ten moves, but I’m not really sure what this means other than serving as a reminder of how far you’ve come. This is the only title of the five in which I struggled with the tap sensitivity. It seems highly irregular, at times not registering at all and at others making the whole tower leap precariously.

Graphically the most simple of the five games, the aesthetic itself is a bit mind-boggling. Simple colors and grainy looking blocks are more than a little retro at best. An arrow cycles upward (or downward, if you swap it) and you tap to select a block. Then, a paddle spins along the horizon line until you tap to select which direction you will be removing the block. Watching the arrow cycle can get pretty tedious, as can waiting for it to deselect if you’ve chosen incorrectly. Silent Blocks is a whispering sort of game, a methodical tortoise beats hareIt’s puzzling, challenging, and good for anyone that like the let’s tap mechanic and an idle Jenga-style brain-bender.

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