Halo 4: Champions Bundle (DLC) Review

Halo 4: Champions Bundle (DLC) Review

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Jumping back into Halo multiplayer is like riding a bike; it may be a little tricky for the first few minutes, but in no time I was smooth sailing. Now that Halo 4 has received some new DLC to add to the mix of an already solid multiplayer experience, I can’t help but to enjoy shooting up Spartans.

The new downloadable content pack, entitled The Champions Bundle, actually includes three separate DLC offerings in one lower priced package. Two of the packs, Infinity Armor and Steel Skin, add some new armor and weapon skins as well as some Spartan tag poses. They all look nice and the “sport themed” armor makes a Spartan look like a futuristic football player. The big portion comes in the form of the Bullseye Pack. This comes with two new maps and a new game mode that is pretty damn fun.

The two new maps are Pitfall and Vertigo. Pitfall may look very familiar to the fans of Halo 3. It’s a complete remake of the classic Halo 3 map, The Pit. It looks and feels just like the old map with a few updated features. It is a classic even for me, and always a blast to play on.

Vertigo is an all new map. It’s rather small and Slayer matches fit it the best. One really cool feature of this map is a special activation that can be shot that will remove all the shields of the Spartans in the surrounding area. This is a game changer when playing solo. By picking off all the weakened players, it can make a player go from last place to first very quickly.

Finally, the new game mode, Ricochet has players running and fighting for a ball and then having to either run it into the team’s goal, or throw it in to score. Each type of goal is worth different points. This mode is actually a blast to play and it gives a different feel over just shooting multiple players over and over.

The Champions Bundle is a decent deal for those wanting more customization and new things to do in Halo 4. After trying out the new game mode and maps, the Bullseye pack is a great deal even on its own, but if you’re looking for some nice looking armor and some steampunk weapon skins, the Champions Bundle is a nice deal as well. So, fans of Halo that are still playing should pick this up. People that played Halo 4 and are looking to get back into it, you may have found your incentive.

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