Gears of War: Judgment – Lost Relics (DLC) Review

Gears of War: Judgment – Lost Relics (DLC) Review

What we liked:

+ New Breakthrough mode
+ Museum Map is great

What we didn't like:

- Other maps don’t bring a lot to the table

DEVELOPER: Epic Games   |   PUBLISHER: Microsoft Studios   |   RELEASE: 06/25/2013


Get Lost with Gears of War.

This week saw the release of the new DLC pack for Gears of War: Judgment, and with it we get four new multiplayer maps, a new mode and some extra skins and armor.

As with the last DLC Map Pack, three of the maps are available to play in all multiplayer modes, with one being reserved for the Overrun mode only.

It’s a mixed bag with the maps; Checkout is just the old Gears of War 3 map, brought over into Judgment. Lost City is a small to medium map, with a moving platform in the middle that can leave players stranded if caught on it. However, the highlight here is Museum. It’s a massive map with multiple levels. This works well for modes that are team play focused, although players can get a little lost when playing modes like Free-for-All or Master at Arms.

The map that has been selected for Overrun is Ward, and it doesn’t feel very fresh or new. Set in Halvo Bay, Ward feels like all the other Overrun maps. It features the standard fortifications and gun turrets that will help players keep the enemy at bay.

The new mode brought in for this pack is Breakthrough. This mode is a team-based game that requires one team to get a flag to the opposition’s base, while the other team defends. The attacking team only gets a certain number of respawns and once depleted, they switch sides. The side with the most goals after the two matches wins. It’s a fun mode, and my new favorite multiplayer game in Gears of War, it’s a shame that I have to buy the DLC to play it.

Lost Relics will also unlock some new skins and armor for those that are interested, but most people who are in to that sort of stuff have probably spent a small fortune on micro-transactions already.

This DLC is for those that are still getting enjoyment from the multiplayer, or for those that want a great new mode to play. But at 1000msp, I can’t really see this map pack as being something that will get you back in to the game if it has been sitting on your shelf collecting dust for the past few months.

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