Gator Alley Review

Gator Alley Review

What we liked:

+ It boots up?

What we didn't like:

- Hit detection is spotty
- No difficulty levels
- No leaderboards

DEVELOPER: Adam Schwartz   |   PUBLISHER: Adam Schwartz   |   RELEASE: 07/21/2011


Grunt… splish!

Gator Alley is a game of Marco Polo for iOS devices. The purpose of the game is to move your finger around the screen, avoiding the ever-increasing number of alligators. If you come into contact with an alligator or lift your finger, you will lose life. Occasionally, frogs will land on the moving lily pad. Touching one will increase your life by 25%.

There are no difficulty levels and no leaderboards, Game Center or Open Feint support. The only reason to play this game multiple times is better your score and, even then, you likely will not want to return to Gator Alley given the spotty hit detection. More than once, I felt that the hit box on the gators was larger than their image, as I lost life, seemingly without coming into contact with a reptilian foe.

There is no music and the only sounds are water splashing and alligators grunting. The game is completely bare bones.

Given the number of games available in the App Store, it’s hard to recommend Gator Alley, even at $.99. Perhaps if improvements are implemented in a later release, this will change. As it stands now, though, you are better off investing your time and money elsewhere.

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