Dungeon Siege III: Treasures of the Sun Review


What a tangled Ehb we weave!

Having just finished both the DLC and the main campaign in Dungeon Siege III, I was very surprised at how good the game and the expansion are. I only picked the game up because it was at such a low price; I thought I couldn’t go wrong. And indeed, I couldn’t.

I won’t go on about the game, as Drew has already reviewed that. I am here for the DLC, Treasures of the Sun; which is a bit of an odd name for it, seeing as I don’t recall it being mentioned once in the DLC.

Anyway, after purchasing the DLC you will be able to access it at any point in your game (unless you are playing out the game’s final mission), by heading over to the Chapterhouse. Once there, you will bump in to Oswalt, who will explain to you that he has heard rumours that one of the Legionnaires, Etienne Du Marnay from the old chapter, may still be alive. Oswalt explains that he has managed to open up the Causeway to the Aranoi Desert, and asks that you try to find out if the rumours are true. As you progress through the quest, you will discover more about Du Marnay, the Heretics of Azunite, and an extinct race of Lion beasts.

The game itself plays out like any of the normal quests from the main game. There are thirteen new quests in total, and most of them are linked to the Treasures of the Sun storyline, with a few being stand alone fetch/kill missions. The big draw is that it is a whole new area to play in. The new map, although very different to any of the areas in the main game, feels like it fits the world perfectly. It is mainly desert and sand, but there are a few caves and vaults to explore, many of which you will come across during the course of the main quest. You can expect to get 3-4 hours gameplay out of this, all of which are enjoyable.

As you would expect, you will come across a whole load of loot when playing the DLC. A lot of it is no different from the loot found elsewhere, but there are a few things that are exclusive to the DLC, including a very powerful sword and shield set for Lucas. One of the Min things added in the DLC is a set of abilities for your characters that, once activated, will be with them for the remainder of the game. These abilities are called the Fires of Faith and are attached to one of the first quests you come upon out in the desert. By finding and activating the three fires, you will gain the ability to become invulnerable, gain an explosive attack or replenish your health; all by simply pressing down and holding L3 & R3. The DLC also allows you to completely reset and reallocate your proficiency points (this isn’t free though), if you fancy changing your skills, though this can only be done at the fountain in the Abbey of St. Hiram.

The DLC also introduces a new system, which enables you to enchant weapons and equipment, which in turn gives them special properties, like draining nearby enemies’ health or causing elemental damage with your weapons. To enchant items, you need to find oils and potions. These can be found out in the world as loot, or sometimes by transmuting items.

Although the DLC doesn’t really differ much in the way of gameplay, the story is solid and fun to play through. Even the side quests are entertaining. Add to that the new loot, enchanting and ability systems, and Treasures of the Sun is a piece of DLC that no Dungeon Siege III fan should be without. I must also add that if you have yet to play Dungeon Siege III, then now is a perfect time to pick it up, with many retailers selling it for next to nothing.

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