Densha De Go 3

Densha De Go 3

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DEVELOPER: Taito   |   PUBLISHER: Taito   |   RELEASE: 03/15/2001

Hi fellow gamers, Gambus Kahn here to tell you about a title that will most likely never come to the U.S; Densha DeGo 3.

Densha DeGo is a railroad simulator that allows you to be the conductor of a passenger train. You know, I actually love trains, so this game was a enjoyable experience, for the most part.

The graphics are very good in this title. Realistic 3D environments that are truly convincing, but it would have been better if you could look around and side to side. The tracks are nice and long, giving the size and scope of Japan.

Not a whole lot to say about this game in this category. The sounds basically consist of basic train sounds; such as train horns, track noises, and subway echoes as the train comes into the station.

The gameplay consists of traveling from train station to train station, oh yeah, your on a schedule. The strategy to DeGo is to determine how fast you should go in order to arrive to each station on time. The gameplay is fun at first, but it quickly gets repetitive, and I love trains for crying out loud!

Lets see, if you enjoy chu-chu trains then this game would be a nice novelty for the import gamer, but if not then this game will be a tough sell, IMPORT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

If you don't know Gambus, you are not paying attention. Gambus is unstoppable, he is one, he IS the internets. Greetings programs...

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