Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver

Chase: Hollywood Stunt Driver

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DEVELOPER: I-imagine   |   PUBLISHER: bam! Entertainment   |   RELEASE: 09/25/2002

Have you ever wanted something to be good so badly that you tried over and over to like it just because you want it to succeed in entertaining you? Well then you know how Stuntman made me feel, I wanted that game to rock my world so badly I continued playing it until frustration took the life of my Dual Shock 2 controller. The end result was an average game that left me wanting more out of being a Hollywood stunt driver, in comes Chase. A game laughed at by critics (a 4.9 IGN??) and hyped with sex appeal, what could be bad about it??

First let me start off by saying that this game be pretty, I do not throw that term around loosely, I have used it to describe such games as MGS2, Wreckless, and the more recent Starfox. Visuals are only part of the battle but when they look this good how can you help but admire what game developers can do when they take their time and are given the proper tools. Real time reflections, dynamic explosions, and particle effects that send the fumes of gasoline and fire flowing into your living room, this game delivers. A few hiccups in the frame rate from time to time and some bland textures here and there are my only major gripes.

First off let me state that I never have and never will enjoy the sounds of Sum 41, so the fact that they are featured in the soundtrack means nothing to me. With that said the in-game music is fitting but Bam has allowed us the option to insert our own music into Chase. The downside is once again it is limited to a set number of tracks which limits the diversity of the score. The sound effects are decent, explosions rock the subwoofer and engine sounds could use some work. Overall the sound department is the only thing holding this game back from being stellar.

The one thing that held Stuntman back was it’s insane difficulty level and handling issues. The car was too slippery for my tastes and this caused the director to cut more than I cared for. Chase controls like a dream, tight cornering and a smooth trick system allow for some daring replays. The stunt button is a cool feature that allows you to perform different feats while filming the scene. While in a car it can be used to ride on two wheels ordo flips and barrel rolls in mid air. While on the bike it can be used to do spins and wheelies. There is also a nitro boost that allows you to get bigger air and complete certain goals. The best part of Chase is that each take has a set number of goals to achieve and they do not have to all be met at once. The game allows you to go back after finishing the scene and collect more reputation points. It also gives you a chance to find the Bam trophies to unlock more multi-player modes.

This game is surely chock full of things to do and unlock. You have the meat of the game which is Career Mode, this is where you do different scenes in movies to earn reputation points by meeting certain goals such as riding on two wheels for 10 meters or doing two barrel rolls during the take. There is also a 1-4 player game that pits you agains your friends in three events such as stunt points or flat out racing. If that wasn’t enough you also have the challenge mode that is broken up into three categories including jump and stunt modes. Then you have the Bam trophies in Career mode that unlock more multi-player features, this game is loaded with replay value!

I begin to wonder if some sites actually play these games before reviewing them. This game is absolutely great and a hell of a lit of fun to play. I recommend picking this one up as soon as possible, it could be the sleeper hit you have been dying for all year. With slick graphics, decent sound, awesome control, not to mention one of the hottest cover girls in gaming Chase has all the right moves! Kudos to Bam for such a spectacular title!

Ken McKown
Ken is the Editor-in-Chief of this hole in the wall and he loves to troll for the fun of it. He also enjoys long walks through Arkham Asylum and the cool air of Shadow Moses Island. His turn-ons include Mortal Kombat, Metal Gear Solid and StarCraft.

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