Capcom Arcade Cabinet 1984 Game Pack Review

Capcom Arcade Cabinet 1984 Game Pack Review

What we liked:

+ Good variety of games
+ Pirate Ship Higemaru is something totally different

What we didn't like:

- SonSon gets repetitive quickly

DEVELOPER: Capcom   |   PUBLISHER: Capcom   |   RELEASE: 04/16/2013


The variety returns.

The final Capcom Arcade Cabinet pack features three games from 1984: 1942, Pirate Ship Higemaru and SonSon. After the disappointment that was the “been there, done that” 1985 Pack 2, the 1984 pack returns to the feeling of variety that previous ones had featured. The three games included here are unique, and different enough from the previous outings to distinguish themselves.

This entry starts with 1942, a vertical scrolling military shooter. While very similar in game play to the already released 1943, it still manages to stand on its own. There are many different powerups that will do things like jam enemy guns and add wingmen, small planes that fly alongside and fire at the same time. The game also adds a loop maneuver – any time disaster is imminent the player can perform a loop, avoiding all enemy fire and aircraft, which adds another dimension to the combat.

Pirate Ship Higemaru is an action puzzle game, and something completely different from anything else on the platform. The player navigates a Pac-Man like maze, avoiding pirates and using the barrels that make up the walls to attack them. It’s a fun experience, although the controls felt a little loose whether I was using the analog stick or the directional pad.

SonSon is a side scroller than can be played solo or coop. While the game constantly scrolls forward, the characters can move up or down levels to attack incoming enemies. Foes will attack in different patterns, much like the planes in 1942. Each level proceeds to the fortress, which must be cleared in order to advance. Once again, it’s a fairly unique experience, but one that gets stale rather quickly, as the levels have no real variety to them.

The Capcom Arcade Cabinet 1984 pack is solid, featuring three distinctly different games, and some experiences that are fully unique amongst all of Capcom’s arcade offerings. 1942, Pirate Ship Higemaru and SonSon round out the collection nicely, and they’re worth picking up for those who have been following along.

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