Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty (DLC) Review


Grab some booty in this new Borderlands 2 DLC.

Borderlands 2 had its fair share of quests. Let’s all be honest, the game was a questing game. Gearbox had a trial run with their Borderlands 1 downloadable content. Some of it was great; some of it was not so great. One thing they did learn, and have shown with the release of Borderlands 2, is that they listen to the fans. With Captain Scarlett’s Pirate Booty, they really hit that sweet spot for good post release content.

You travel to Oasis, a once tropical area in the middle of the desert. Now, the water has all dried up, and most of the residents have pretty much all dehydrated with the water. A long time ago, when the water was still around, pirates ruled the sea. One particular pirate, Captain Blade, found magnificent treasure that surpassed all treasure known to Pandora. Now, with a little help from a one armed, one legged pirate named Captain Scarlett, you will try to find the pieces of Blade’s compass and locate the treasure. Just make sure Scarlett doesn’t stab you in the back in the process. She is a pirate, after all.

Scarlett is not the only character you will run into while in Oasis, there’s the Scarlett-obsessed Herbert, who constantly wants to be with Captain Scarlett by any means necessary, and Shade, the Hunter S. Thompson look-a-like that is possibly the most insane person on Pandora.

There are a ton of side quests to complete, including a special group called “messages in a bottle.” These side quests will take you on small treasure hunts for rare weapons that Captain Blade once owned and buried. These quests can get a little tedious. Finding that X that marks the spot can become rather difficult, but once you find the treasure, you will obtain some really great weapons that are as powerful as they are cursed. Many of the weapons you find will have a side effect that can impact your character, so there is a trade off to these special weapons.

Beside the different scenery, which is a very nice change of pace from the main game, there are new enemy types that you will take on. All of these baddies are, of course, pirate themed, but instead of just tacking on a pirate hat and having them yell “ARRR!” a lot, they actually fight and feel different. I was very impressed.

I was born here you know? You’re gonna die here you know?

Even with a good 7-9 hours of content, there is even more that you can do after completing the main story of the DLC. You can take on a special raidboss named Master Gee the Invincible. This is really needed to be done at higher levels and with multiple co-op partners involved. Of course, it is something to work your way to. My level 28 Commando took all of about 2 shots from him before going down.

I would have to say I’m very impressed with the first piece of DLC Borderlands 2 has to offer. It constantly keeps you moving from one area to the next, and nothing ever gets monotonous. The new loot and different enemy types add even more to the content, and when it’s all said and done, you can still take on a big raidboss for even more loot- all this for 10 bucks. If you have been looking for some more Borderlands 2, or if you’re still playing the game, and are looking for something a little different without changing the formula, then you should really pick up this piece of DLC.

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