Back to the Future: The Game – Episode IV: Double Visions Review

Back to the Future: The Game – Episode IV: Double Visions Review

What we liked:

+ Story is still great
+ Wonderful presentation
+ Great hint system

What we didn't like:

- More graphical glitches
- Hint system glitch
- Audio hiccups

DEVELOPER: Telltale Games   |   PUBLISHER: Telltale Games   |   RELEASE: 04/29/2011


The Empire Strikes Back of Back to the Future.

Marty and Doc are back once again with the 4th episode of Back to the Future: The Game. We last left off with crazy 1986 Doc getting captured by his evil wife right after coming to his senses about the whole police state he’s been running. Now, it’s up to Marty to rescue Doc and go back to 1931 and stop young Doc from ever getting involved with Edna so he becomes an inventor.

You’ll have to find certain items, use the DeLorean to age things, and manipulate young Doc’s brain waves in this episode. Some of these puzzles offer up a decent challenge this time around.

The game’s basic formula stays true throughout the entire series. This time around, I actually had to use the hint system a good amount. Some of the puzzles were rather difficult.

I did have a few graphical glitches that popped up every once in a while and one part where the audio completely cut out for an entire conversation. This episode worked decently, but had a few hiccups here and there. Still, it didn’t ruin the game for me.

The hint system is still a great tool, although, I did have one problem with this episode. For some reason, it glitched on me and was giving me hints to the last puzzle that I solved rather than the puzzle I was on. It did hold me up a little as far as progression goes, but I made it through.

The comedy and presentation is still top notch, and with this series coming to a close pretty soon, the plot twists are pretty intense. With a playtime at around two and a half hours, and the cliffhanger in this episode having you wanting the final episode right away, you can expect the conclusion to go out with a bang.

Like I say in all my reviews of this series, if you like Back to the Future, you owe it to yourself to play this series. This is a must-own for point and click fans as well as Back to the Future fans. It’s casual enough for anyone to play it and enjoy it.

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