Back to the Future: The Game – Episode III: Citizen Brown Review

Back to the Future: The Game – Episode III: Citizen Brown Review

What we liked:

+ Fun challenging puzzles
+ Good cliffhanger
+ Always awesome hint system

What we didn't like:

- Story was a little lackluster
- Still a few graphical glitches

DEVELOPER: Telltale Games   |   PUBLISHER: Telltale Games   |   RELEASE: 03/28/2011


Marty can’t win for losing…

Another month has gone by and another Back to the Future episode has been released. Episode Three starts right up where Marty left off, returning back to 1986 only to find Hill Valley not overrun by crime, but the exact opposite, a strictly monitored “perfect world” where nearly everything is prohibited.

As usual, episode three has its twists and turns both in story, puzzles and humorous situations. Marty has to find out what exactly went wrong in 1931 while visiting 1986 so that he can go back and change what he did in 1931, in order to return 1986 to “normal”. Man, time travel is nuts…

The puzzles are, of course, back again. This time, they are a little more involved than in the 2nd episode. There were a few I had to get some hints on, but luckily, the fantastic hint system that is in place always kept me moving.

The story itself is not as epic as the first two episodes, mainly because of the fact that Hill Valley is pretty boring in this timeline. Marty runs into Jennifer, who is now a punk rebel fighting against the Hill Valley government by making out with boys in public and spray painting graffiti on the walls of buildings. Marty will require her help, as well as that of a hypnotized Biff Tannen, to finally get a one-on-one interview with Citizen Brown, the new leader of Hill Valley.

For some reason, there are still some graphical glitches in the game. Every once in a while you’ll see a character freak out for a split-second. It doesn’t break the game by any means, but it’s there.

Once again, the episode ends on a cliffhanger that keeps the player invested. The episode will last you two to three hours, and even though the storyline in episode 3 was a little lacking, it’s still got that Back to the Future feel to it. The “boss fight” near the end of the episode was pretty awesome.

If you still haven’t picked up Back to the Future: The Game, you should really consider it. It has tons of nostalgia for the Back to the Future fans, as well as some good entertainment for newcomers. The acting is still top notch and the puzzles are interesting, keeping players on their toes. I can’t recommend this series enough.

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