ATV Quad Power Racing 2

ATV Quad Power Racing 2

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DEVELOPER: Climax   |   PUBLISHER: Acclaim   |   RELEASE: 01/27/2003

If there is one thing the world has taught us it’s that racing games will never die. You can look forty years into the future and the launch of PS10 and XBox 9 will in fact include a racing game in their launch lineup. Sure some never get tired of spinning around a track at break neck speeds trying to do it faster than last time but the main concern is originality. What else can we ride in while challenging those fast lap times? Bicycles? Tractors? or perhaps one that works in two ways ATVs. A medium introduced to us by Rainbow Studios a few years ago in the form of ATV Offroad Fury (an absolute masterpiece of modern technology) has once again evolved and this time Acclaim is at the helm. Can it surpass the king of ATV racers or does it fall a little short of the cup? Read on and find the answer!

You Got Mud On The Tires!
Visually we can look at ATV for subtle details like dirt collecting on the wheels or the shiny texture on the wheels after running through some water, or we can look at the shortcomings like bland textures and horrible rider models. Either way you slice it ATV 2 isn’t going to impress you visually but for a game of this type it gets the job done. I was hoping for some bells and whistles on the more powerful consoles but alas I am left with an average racer on all three. Complaints at a minimum this game looks like it should.

Bad Religion..Sort Of.
Well this being an off road racing game driven by testosterone we can expect the hard slamming metal and fast beating punk rock to accompany the ride. With the likes of Godsmack and Box Car Racer shooting the rhythm through the long laps you get tired of hearing the same song repeat and the limited number of tracks also hurts it. Having an option for custom soundtracks on the XBox version would have went miles but alas it is absent in the final version (even though the instruction manual clearly states you can use it). The rider sounds are below average and the environmental effects are bland and uninspiring, of course do you expect them to be great for a racing game?

Breaking The Mold.
Well it seems I have yet to say a positive thing about ATV 2 but alas this review is not over, we have yet to cover the most important aspect of any game…gameplay. ATV 2 takes a nod from the master and adds some unique features that make it noteworthy in the fun factor area. Not only can you race but you can also, if you so choose, to kick ass. The ability to wallop another rider is pure bliss when they pass you. There is also a stunt mode with a little course for you to practice jumps and loops yipee. It is almost that exciting I swear! The traditional arcade and single player games do the obvious stuff like opening new tracks, riders, and hark even new music to listen to. Very little to hold onto and not much to work with the game is indeed fun to play, and with a price tag lower than normal (29.99 at my local game shop) it can seem tempting.

My Final Thought…
Well for XBox and Cube owners in dyer need of an ATV game this is it, of course your choice is not a bad one just not a stellar one. If you own a PS2 you are better off picking up either Offroad Fury but my choice is the first one. A game that could have been a classic if left in the oven for just a few more months turns out to be a solid purchase for it’s price (29.99 again in case you missed it). Like I stated before overall not a bad game, just not one to get excited about, perhaps next time we can play each other online sucka! Rental recommended!

Ken McKown
Ken is the Editor-in-Chief of this hole in the wall and he loves to troll for the fun of it. He also enjoys long walks through Arkham Asylum and the cool air of Shadow Moses Island. His turn-ons include Mortal Kombat, Metal Gear Solid and StarCraft.

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