Akira Psycho Ball

Akira Psycho Ball

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DEVELOPER: Bandai   |   PUBLISHER: Bandai   |   RELEASE: 02/21/2002

It’s been quite sometime since I reviewed anything. Then again it’s not that often that something comes out that grabs my attention so much that ZT has to take the controller from my hand and say “I think it’s time to play something else!”

What can I say this game is addicting. So addicting in fact that I’m almost tempted to stop writing and start playing again. Pinball is normally a pretty boring game but thanks to the anime cut scenes add a very interesting bit of eye-candy. They also add for a reason to play the game and keep you wanting to play so that you can see what happens next even though they are in the order of the movie. They also help you in knowing what the hell your supposed to do to get to the next table.

Control is exactly what you expect from a pinball game. I suggest that you change to control to type B. That makes for the flippers to be the R2 and L2 buttons. Then the only other button you need is the triangle that is the ball launch. Overall, I highly suggest that the B control style it makes for better gameplay.

Sound is where that game really begins to shine. With perfect sound and an awesome soundtrack that is all hard rock and metal. It makes for great gameplay and it really sets the stage for the action that takes place in the game.

After the music has set the stage, graphics come in and finish the perfection of gameplay and sound. This another of the games high points. When the tables change and the insertion of the anime cut scenes add tremendously to the feeling of the game. They add to the urgency of the game. You must destroy the Akira Dome.

Overall this game has many great points but the only problems that I could find was that the way you finish and change levels were quite confusing. Also I only found that the addictive gameplay caused problems around the office. you probably wont have the issue but hey when everyone else wants do use the shit it can be a problem.

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